Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Share YOUR Message With The World

                                                      "Start today, not tomorrow.
                                    If anything, you should have started yesterday."
                                                             - Emil Molycka

Are you getting closer to reaching your goals? but when you are almost there, for some strange reason you always hold back?
Doing this will not only ruin you..... but it will also ruin other people's lives because they need your information, talents and knowledge. Are you setting up roadblock after roadblock, obstacle after obstacle? Are these obstacles really true obstacles or are they obstacels that you created in your own mind?
It is time for you to stop procrastinating and take action. Massive action.

You probably have big dreams and you have great ideas. You might even have a website with a product that is almost ready? Or maybe you are an author with a book that is almost done? or you have a blog or newsletter in your mind that you want to start writing? Maybe a painting or some music?

Maybe you have great ideas for teaching weight-loss to other people or how to improve their finances. You probably want to write a book about how you solved a particular problem in your own life and now you want to share it with the world.
But while you are procrastinating other people are getting frustrated. Thanks to your lack of action many people don't know how to shed the weight or they can't get their finances back on track. They are waiting on your almost done book or the book that is only "in your mind" right now. They are waiting on your weekly newsletter or daily blog to help them solve their own problem(s).

And what are you doing? You are still deciding on the colors of your website. How many photos to put on it. What to name you new company that you started online. Maybe you are still editing your book and can't decide on the orders of the chapters. Or maybe you haven't even started writing that book, but you are thinking about it. The name of your newsletter or how many times per week you will post a blog.
But what are you doing? you are worrying about how other people will judge you or maybe they will even criticize you? And this is your excuse for not taking action?

Right now as I am writing this blog, I am afraid that you might not like it and that you will think it is rubbish. But I will not let that stop me. Because this blog might help someone else.
It is not up to me to judge my own work. My job is to share it with the world.

These silly little distractions are stopping so many people from achieving their dream and living the life that they truly want to live. And if you don't conquer these obstacles and distractions you will ruin your year and your life.

But the good news it that you can change. You can change today my making a decision to stop procrastinate and take massive action.
Every day that you are not taking action with your website, blog, books, painting or music, you are holding someone back out there in the world that needs what you have got. They are getting more and more frustrated and feel beat down because they need your knowledge and talents to be able to change their lives for the better.

You are thinking that there are already plenty of people doing what you are wanting to do. The world doesn't need another blogger or book. Not true. Yes, there are plenty of people doing things every day but there will never be one person exactly like you. With your background, your experiences and you perspectives.

So don't hold back. Allow you light to shine. People need solutions to their problems and you probably have exactly what they need.

You have great gifts and talents and you can do better. You have knowledge to help others and you are a person that cares about other people and what happens to the world. Share you message without fear. Every action makes an impact.

Time to take action. Time to start helping other people to be able to change their lives for the better.
The world needs YOU.

Eliminate procrastination and move through the obstacles that are standing in your way.
Make 2017 you best year ever by helping others.
Help people by giving them a solution to their problems.

How do we change? One small action at a time. One little step starts the journey.
Make sure that you take the first step. By taking small steps every day you will get better. You will grow and get stronger.
Keep on going.

Write the book, start your website, create you art or music, start the blog.....Start Today!
You can do it!

Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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