Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It's Time To Wake Up And Start Living!

                                 "There is no greater gift you can give or receive
                                              than to honor your calling.
                        It is why you were born and how you become truly alive."
                                                    - Oprah Winfrey

You have a dream that was given to you to share with the world.

You are capable of so much more than you can imagine.Your gifts and talents are needed.
Someone out there is looking for exactly what you got.

Give us what you have and don't hold back.

Don't give up because things are hard. You are never given anything in this world that you can't handle.

You are capable of so much more than you can imagine.

Nobody needs to approve of your dream. It was given to you.
Hold it, cultivate it, nourish it and work it.

Start trusting and listening to yourself. Trust your ideas and your instincts.
Listen to that small voice within you.

Claim your gift and then create the life that you deserve and dream of.

Your gift is calling.....are you ready to answer the call?

                       "The worst thing than being blind is having sight but no vision."
                                                       - Helen Keller

It's Time To Wake Up And Start Living!


Monday, January 29, 2018

Your Life Is A Reflection Of Your Thoughts

                                              "Your thoughts create your reality.
                                        Your mind is more powerful than you know."
                                                        - Neale Donald Walsch

Ever heard the expression .....what you focus on, expands or what you give attention to, gets bigger?

You cannot harbor one kind of thought and experience a different kind of existence.

Thought is creative.
Thought held in mind produce after their kind. Like attracts like.

In other can not constantly hold thoughts of anger, frustration or resentment and expect to live a happy life.

Your thoughts become your reality.
You do become what you think about most of the time.

Each person is in a continuous process of becoming, evolving or growing in life, in the direction of their dominant thoughts.
Our bodies are also in a state of becoming, at a normal rate of cell death and replenishment and we end up with a brand new physical body every 7 years.

Of course our physical evolution is effected by the food that we put in our bodies. And our mental evolution and becoming is largely determined by the thoughts we allow into our mind.

Anything that we think about long and hard enough, eventually will become a part of our mental process, affecting our mental attitude and our behavior.

Thought - Feeling - Action 

Anything that you dwell upon will eventually grow in reality.
The more you dwell on the person that you want to be and the qualities that you would like to have, the more that thought is planted deeply in your subconscious mind and it will be part of your ongoing evolution.

Right now you are where you are and what you are because of the thoughts that you have allowed to enter and to pre-occupy your mind.

Whatever you are constantly dwelling upon over the months and the years, you now have become.
In a sense you are a self made man/woman.

Not only have you made yourself into what you are, but you are continuing the job of the construction with every thought you think.

All of life is from the inside out.
Your outer world will be a mirror reflection of your inner world.
What you see on the outside is merely a reflection of what is going on, on the inside.

The fact is that with very few exceptions, everything that a person is experiencing in their outer life, matches exactly something that is going on in their inner life.

So if you don't like the person that you have become or the life that you are experiencing right have to go and check on the inside.

What Can You Do Starting Today To Change Your Current Reality?

Take full, complete and purposeful control over the content of your conscious mind.
Discipline yourself to think consistently only on the things that you desire and to keep your mind off, of the things that you fear.

One thing that you do have control over in your life, is your own thoughts.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Can People Change?

                                               "Breakdowns can create breakthroughs.
                                             Things fall apart so things can fall together."
                                                                   - Unknown

Most people don't like change and they definitely don't want to change themselves.

If you missed Monday's it is....3 Reasons People Resist Change

But then how does change happen in people?
Because there are some people that actually change and they transform their lives after living and doing the same thing for many, many years.

I call it a serious Wake-Up Call.
You are forced to wake up and examine the life that you are living because it's giving you so much pain at the moment and may have given you pain for many years and you know that you can't go on living like this anymore.

You are experiencing pain right now. Your past has been painful and when you look into the future you see nothing but pain.....if you continue to live the way you are living right now.
This will eventually create a wake-up call or a breakdown.

A Breakdown is a great word for it because the old ways of doing things is breaking down to open a door to a much better way of living and doing things in the future.
But in order for something new to move into your life you first have to be open to looking at the old ways of being and doing things. If you are not open to looking at yourself, your behavior and to new ideas, it will just slip on by you. But it won't disappear and will only show up later with even more force and pain.

But when you are finally in extreme pain, you are forced to slow down and open yourself to new thing and it is at this point a breakthrough and a transformation can happen.

Another name....The Significant Emotional Experience.
Something happens that really gives people a jolt or a chock. It can be the death of a loved one, a serious illness, loss of a job, loss of a business, divorce or bankruptcy..... just to name a few.

It gives you a huge smack in the face so that you will be able to see what is really going on and it opens you up to a new way of thinking.
It opens people up to that maybe there is another and better way to do things.

It's very painful and it often changes people completely and they come back from that experience a totally different person. They get a new perspective of what is truly important to them and what is important in life.
They change everything.

So unless you actually have this kind of chock or dramatic and painful experience, it's very difficult for people to change because of the power of the 3 reasons that I talked about in Monday's BLOG.

You can call in a mental collision. You are suddenly questioning and realizing that what you are doing..... isn't working.

This is exactly what happened to me back in 2012.
It was the most painful experience that I have experience in my life, so far. I was dealing with tremendous pain in the present, and the past had been bad and I also realized that the future didn't look any brighter either, if I didn't change myself and where I was going in life.

Today, six years later, I am so glad that I had this experience because I really needed to change myself and the way I was living my life. Almost everything in my life fell apart and I was left with very little.
But out of all the confusion and all the pain I have now created a completely different life for myself.

I went back to school and became a certified life coach. I started my own coaching business and I have now written and published two books and the third one is almost completed. My life has changed completely. I was on the wrong path and eventually back in 2012 I was knocked completely off this path that actually wasn't my own.

Has it been easy? NO.
But I am so grateful that it happened because it forced me to take a good look at myself, my thinking and the life I was living
The life I was living was slowly suffocating my own soul.

I written  a book about my experience in 2012, to help others understand and also how to navigate out of a breakdown or significant emotional experience.

It's called Bounce Don't Break - How to successfully get back on track after life knocks you down.

I also did a presentation a couple of months ago about my experience in 2012 and I called it the Perfect Storm.... because you feel like you are in the middle of a hurricane and you are being tossed around like a ragdoll.
But when it's all said and done..... you will come out of the storm a lot wiser and a more experienced person, than went into the storm.
Remember that no experience is ever wasted. Use it to make your future better.

"What if all the bad things that have happened in my life are leading me to activate some great potential in me?"

                                                       Karin Glannstam - Life Coach

Monday, January 22, 2018

3 Reason People Resist Change

                                       "One reason people resist change is because
                                            they focus on what they have to give up,
                                                 instead of what they have to gain."
                                                             - Rick Godwin

Why does change seem to be so scary and so painful?

Most people don't want to change.
They usually don't mind others changing or something around them to change but when it comes to most people, they are not willing to change themselves.

Why are the majority of people this way?

There are three things or enemies that holds us back in life.
We all have these enemies in common, no matter where we live in the world.

Here they are

The Comfort Zone
Most people love the comfort zone. They seldom want to leave it behind.

When we become comfortable doing a thing a certain way, and we are reluctant to change, we get stuck in the comfort zone.

People usually fall in love with a method of doing things. And even if it doesn't work, even if they are getting bad results and it makes them unhappy, they keep doing it.
People make little or no effort to learn new things or to upgrade their skills.

If you continue to live like this eventually you will get passed over.

The Path of Least Resistance 
Starting something new is the hardest thing of all.

We do everything possible to justify not changing. When you present a new idea to people, it will automatically trigger all the reasons why it won't work.

The path of least resistance is that human beings always seek the fastest and easiest way to get what they want. So people are always looking for easy ways or quick fixes.
If anyone suggest changing or to do something new and different, that's difficult for most people.

Most people find it hard to try and to do something new and they will fight you every step of the way.

The Fear of Failure
People are afraid that if they try something new, and it won't work....then what are they going to do?

They know that what they are doing right now is working, so why change it. You know what you got, but you don't know what you will get.

So most people convince themselves that they are happy with what they got right now and where they are, when in fact they are not happy at all but they are fearful of failing so they remain in their comfort zone and then they deal with their unhappiness in a different and sometimes unhealthy way.

How about you spend a lot of time in the comfort zone?

Do you like to learn new things and develop new skills?

When was the last time you did something that you had never done before?

When we leave the comfort zone we will actually feel more alive.
Yes, everything is scary at first but soon we will get the hang of it.
Staying in the comfort zone will make us feel bored, unfulfilled and eventually it will suck the life out of our soul.
Is it time for you to leave your comfort zone?

Do one thing this week that will scare you. Something that you haven't done before and then leave a comment below and tell me what you did and how you felt afterwards.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

You Can Live Your Dream

                                                "You don't have to be great to start,
                                                 but you have to start to be great."
                                                              - Zig Ziglar

I know that you have big dreams for your life. Most people do.

But what are you doing right now to be able to make your big dream into your reality in the future?

Have you got a plan? Great, if you do.
What action steps are you taking on a daily base?

Show me your plan and the steps that you are taking right now.....not what you are planning to do in the future.....I want you to show me what you did yesterday and the day before and last week.
and the week before that and last month.

A lot of people have a big dream and a lot of people also have a well designed plan on how to reach their big goal.....but now it stops..... because most people will not take the action steps involved to be able to move towards their big dream.
As a matter of fact most people wont even take the first step.

They talk themselves out of it..... saying things like "I can't do that" or I don't have enough resources, connections or money" or I'm to old, it's too late for me" or "I don't know how to do all those things that I need to do to get to where I want to go"  or "what if I fail....I better not try, because if I don't try, that means I can never fail" and the list of excuses goes on and on and on.

A lot of people give up on their dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. "I don't have 5 years to spend working on my dream....I don't have the time" or "You are telling me that it will take many years because I can make any really big money?"

The thing is....time is going to pass anyway. But the question is..... where are you going to be in 5 years?
Right where you are right now? Or living the life that you designed for yourself and worked hard at creating for the past 5 years?
It's up to you!

It takes time and a lot of work to create what you really want in life.
Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and they underestimate what they are able to accomplish in 5-10 years.
But as human beings we have been taught there are quick fixes for almost anything in life.

But success in any area of your life and it doesn't matter if it's your health, your business or your relationships, it all takes time and a lot of work. I like to refer to it as the 3 P's.....

If you want to live your dream it probably will involve change. It means that YOU have to change.

All change is difficult. It doesn't matter if it's change that we choose, in other words a positive wanting you accomplish you dream. It's still difficult and sometimes even scary.
Our fear surfaces when we have to trade what is familiar to us for the uncertainty of something new and unknown.

This is exactly why so many people decide to sleep walk through life. They stay in jobs that will make them completely miserable and they stay in relationships that they outgrew 20 years ago, leaving them feeling empty and lonely on the inside.

Don't allow your life to just pass you by. A half-lived life is the ultimate tragedy.
Let this year be the year that you stop settling for less than what you are capable of doing and creating.
Raise your standards and start taking action.

Wake Up and Start Living - Be the STAR in your own movie.

Start designing your life TODAY. Don't wait.

You can do it! I believe in you!

If you want more insight, inspiration and ideas on how to live your dream, I have a great book that I want you to read......My latest book....Wake Up and Start Living.

You can order it in the US if you are in Europe if you are in Sweden


Monday, January 15, 2018

Wake Up and Start Living - Book by Karin Glannstam

                                                      "You were given this life
                                       because you are strong enough to live it."
                                                             - Unknown

I am so excited because my second book was published on the 1st of January, this year.

The title of the book is Wake Up and Start Living - Be The Star In Your Own Movie.

There are many things that I have come to understand throughout the many years I been enrolled in "Earth School".

One of the things I have learned is that it's never too late to grow, learn, expand, to change course and to change and expand perspective.

Another thing I have learned is that we all want to live a life of purpose and meaning. We deserve to live a life that we are excited about. Most of us want to be happy, have peace of mind, loving friends and family, good health, a great job or career and also have a certain level of financial comfort.

We are all unique individuals. Everyone has been created with a gift. Your gift is totally unique to you. It might be similar to someone else's, but your gift is yours. It's also up to you to utilize the gift that has been given to you. If you incorporate your gift into your life and share it with the world it will give you happiness, success, purpose, meaning, passion and it will make you feel alive.

Make sure that you use your gift. Don't be shy and don't hold back. The world needs what you have got. Celebrate your uniqueness. Allow your own light to shine.

Create a new vision for your life. Something that gives you purpose. Don't allow the past to stop you from living a happy and fulfilling life. Never allow the limitations of others, limit your own vision. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.

We must have goals in our lives to be happy. We must also design a method of accomplishing these goals and then actually take the steps that will move us closer to what we desire. Success takes time, effort, perseverance, persistence and a lot of patience. Success won't happen overnight.

You are a strong, empowered human being and you are able to create anything that you desire and dream of in your life. Dream big dreams. Your mind is magnificent. Take the lid of it and let it soar.

                                       "When I stand before God at the end of my life,
                  I hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say,
                                                  I used everything you gave me."
                                                        - Emma Bombeck

Are you doing something with your life?

Are you doing all that you need and can do?

Are you the person that you want to be?

It's time to wake up and start living!

Are you ready?

From the book....... Wake Up and Start Living


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How Long Does It Take To Establish A New Habit?

                                                    "Setting goals takes desire,
                                                     but completing them takes
                                                              - Ron Hawks

Since it's the beginning of the year, goal setting is a hot topic.

A lot of people will decide on a new life and then they create some new goals for themselves that they want to accomplish during the coming year.

It doesn't matter if your goal is about health, wealth or creating better relationships, unfortunately most give up on their goals by the 21st of January.
Only three weeks into the new year they already give up on what they want to accomplish.

Now you often hear this question asked.....How long does it take to establish a new habit or goal?

Some people will say 21 days, some people will say 60 days and others will say even a year.

In my own experience and what I also have heard from others is that it will take a while before your new habit becomes automatic.
I believe that 21 days is a very good start. You have definitely got a good start to your new habit.

I always feel that the first week is the most difficult. After that every day gets a little easier.
Of course you have to work hard at continuing your new habit and learn to control triggers that will send you back to doing what you used to do.

Learn to control yourself and your own environment as much as possible is key. Stay busy.

If you are trying to lose weight, then get rid of all the unhealthy food in your pantry and in your refrigerator.
Stay away from eating out, so you won't be tempted to load up on unhealthy food.
Stay away from people and friends that like to overindulge in food and sweets.

Simple things to do, but sometimes not easy things to do.
When you feel stressed, instead of going to the refrigerator for food, maybe you want to learn to meditate, call a friend or just go for a walk.

How long does it take to establish a new habit or goal?

I believe that it will take around three months.
If you have been working on your new habit or been trying to get rid of a bad habit, three months is a great start and you have created some great momentum.
After three months you are well on your way to a being able to kick your old habit or creating a new one.
Of course the longer you stay with this new habit the more likely you are to be successful.

Be mindful, learn to deal with stressors and appreciate yourself and your efforts every day.

You can do this! I believe in you!


Monday, January 8, 2018

If You Could Not Fail..... What Great Goal Would You Set For Yourself?

                                             Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season.

2018 is here and I believe that it will be an amazing year.

Did you decide on any New Year's resolutions or goals for 2018?

Here are a few facts about New Year's resolutions or goals for the new year.
By January 21st most people have already given up on their new goal(s) and only 8% will actually follow through and accomplish what they set out to do in the beginning of the year.

Now, I don't want you to quit by January 21. I want you to be part of the 8% group.
Is it possible for you to accomplish your goals? Of course it is.
Just decide that no mater how difficult it gets and how un-motivated you feel, you are going to accomplish the goal(s) that you set for yourself.

Today, decide that you are now part of the 8% elite group that will accomplish their goals in 2018.
You can do it.....I believe in YOU!

One great strategy that you might want to consider here in the beginning of 2018 when you are setting out to accomplish your new vision for yourself, is that....Small things done consistently in strategic places over time bring progress.

Also remember that things are also very difficult in the beginning when you are trying and doing something new.
Think of it like this.....It's the old YOU, fighting the New more improved person that you want to become in the future.
Any time to try something new you will be faced with resistance. The question is....are you going to let resistance stop you or are you going to push through the short term pain to get what you want in life?
The choice is always yours.

Here is a great mental exercise

What one great thing would you dare to dream, if you knew that you could not fail?

If you were guaranteed success in any goal, big or small, short-term or long-term, if you could take a magic pill, and you be absolutely guaranteed success, what one goal would you set for yourself?

When you ask that question, big goals will usually come into your mind.
And you also start to realize that it's fear that holds you back more than anything.
Because if you were absolutely guaranteed success, you would be unstoppable.
Nothing would hold you back.

You must find the courage to rise above your fear. You're worth it and despite what your thoughts say, you are ready, right now.

If someone told that that you were indestructible and that you could accomplish any goal that you set for yourself, what different things would you do?