Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Your Life Changes The Moment You Make A Committed Decision

                                                   "Your life changes the moment you
                                         make a new, congruent, and committed decision."
                                                              - Tony Robbins.

When was the last time that you made a true and committed decision?

And I don't mean a decision on what to wear or what restaurant to go to.

A real decision that would have a great impact on your present and also your future?

I bet you can't even remember the last you did this.

                                                "It's in the moment of your decisions
                                                      that your destiny is shaped."
                                                                - Tony Robbins

Most people don't make decisions about their life because they don't see how they are going to get there.
Instead they keep on doing things that they can see how they are going to get there and that is why their life really never changes.

Make that decision today that you have been putting off for some time.
Get out of your comfort zone and create a vision that will make you grow, something that will force you to start taking action today.

Make the decision!!!


Monday, July 30, 2018

If You Stay Stuck In The Past, No One Will Stay There With You

                                             "If you keep telling the same sad, small story,
                                              you will keep living the same sad, small life."

We all have stories to tell.
But sometimes we get stuck on telling the same story over and over and over again.

It really doesn't matter what happens to you.
What matters is, what are you going to do about it?
What are you going to do NOW?

How long are you going to tell everybody at the bus stop, at work, in the line at the grocery store, at parties, at family gatherings or to anyone that would stand still and listen to you?

How long are you going to repeat the same story? How many times do we have to hear it?

Don't go around telling everybody your story.
80% don't care and 20% are glad that it's you and not them.

We to a great extent behave, think, react because of some previous experience we have had.

A close friend of mine allowed his tragedy to destroy him. His own mother wasn't there for him when he was a child and he said that his mother had made him so miserable and that he was going to pay her back. Now he took this attitude to other relationships. Especially relationships with women, looking for something to go wrong. He had gotten so burned by his own mother that he didn't want to risk pain again. When the relationship became too close, he would do something to make sure that the relationship did not work. He would always try to find something wrong with the other person. 
Since no one is perfect it won't be hard to find faults with another person.
What was going on here? 
He was stuck on revenge.

Another friend of mine realized that her husband didn't love her as much as she loved him. He left her for another woman. She got a divorce but even when she got married again she kept on telling her story. Every time I came over to her house she kept on repeating the same story of how her ex-husband cheated on her and left her for another woman. She kept telling her story about how her ex mistreated her. How long do you think her second marriage lasted? Not very long.
What was going on here? 
She was stuck in anger.

I once had a neighbor. She had gotten some illness some years back, but when I talked to her it sounded like she was still in the middle of it. Every time I ran into her she would tell me the same story over and over again. She would tell me all the reason why she couldn't do anything and how this illness totally had destroyed her life. The only thing she could do today was sleep late, sit around her house all day watching TV and spend her evenings gossiping on the phone.
What was going on here?
She was stuck in self-pity.

Let your old disempowering and sad story go.
Don't allow some tragedy that happen in the past to control your today and your future.

All of us have experienced some kind of tragedy, and if we haven't, we will.
You can either let the tragedy destroy your life or you can build upon it.

You can allow the tragedy to hold you down or you can decide that you will get out of this rut and stop repeating your sad story today.


Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What Is Life?

                                                      "Live life to the fullest 
                                            because you only get to live it once."

As I mentioned in my blog this past Monday, life is always changing.
Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. If we can just learn to accept this we will avoid a lot of suffering.
Just know that sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are sad. Even when you are not happy and things are not going right in your life, just remember that this too shall pass.
Brighter days are coming.

If you missed Monday's Blog.....here it is

Life is like an onion, you have to peel it one layer at a time, and sometimes you cry.

I heard something beautiful about life the other day that I want to share with you today.

Life is a challenge.....Meet it.
Life is like a gift.....Accept it.
Life is like an adventure.....Dare it.
Life is a sorrow.....Overcome it.
Life is a tragedy.....Face it.
Life is a duty.....Perform it.
Life is a mystery.....Unfold it.
Life is a song.....Sing it.
Life is an opportunity.....Take it.
Life is a journey.....Complete it.
Life is a promise.....Fulfill it.
Life is a beauty.....Praise it.
Life is a struggle.....Fight it.
Life is a goal.....Achieve it.
Life is a puzzle.....Sole it.

                                                       "Life is a matter of choices,
                                             and every choice you make makes you."
                                                                - John C. Maxwell


Monday, July 23, 2018

The Challenges Of Life

                                                  "Life is full of ups and downs.
                                                    The trick is to enjoy the ups 
                                             and have courage during the downs."

We all know that life is always changing. It never stays the same.

We also know that sometimes you are up, and sometimes you are down.
Sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are sad. Sometimes you are filled with energy and sometimes you don't feel like you can get out of bed.
Life is seldom even and smooth. If it is, it won't stay that way for very long. We need to accept this.
It is what we call LIFE.

Anybody can feel good during the UP moments of life.
It's easy to feel good when you have your health, your business is doing great, your relationships are working well, your kids act right and all your bills are paid.
Anyone can be positive then.

It's easy to have faith when everything is working well in your life.
It's a lot easier to have a larger vision and it's a lot easier to take action on your goals then.

But the real growth, mentally, emotionally and spiritually comes when you get knocked down.
How you handle it.....that is where the real growth takes place.

Are you going to stray stuck during a down moment in life, or are you going to grow through it?

Now if you happen to get stuck.....how do you get yourself unstuck?

First you must evaluate where you are at the moment.

Then ask yourself, what brought you here? What role did you play?

Next question is, what did you learn from it?
Are you learning anything or are you going to keep on repeating the same lesson over and over again?

"Until you handle it with grace, it will stay in your face."

You know that you will keep on getting the same lesson over and over again until you completely accept it and understand it.
Then you will graduate onto the next challenge in life.
Life is never at a standstill.

What is the biggest challenge that you are facing today...either in your business or personally?