Wednesday, January 17, 2018

You Can Live Your Dream

                                                "You don't have to be great to start,
                                                 but you have to start to be great."
                                                              - Zig Ziglar

I know that you have big dreams for your life. Most people do.

But what are you doing right now to be able to make your big dream into your reality in the future?

Have you got a plan? Great, if you do.
What action steps are you taking on a daily base?

Show me your plan and the steps that you are taking right now.....not what you are planning to do in the future.....I want you to show me what you did yesterday and the day before and last week.
and the week before that and last month.

A lot of people have a big dream and a lot of people also have a well designed plan on how to reach their big goal.....but now it stops..... because most people will not take the action steps involved to be able to move towards their big dream.
As a matter of fact most people wont even take the first step.

They talk themselves out of it..... saying things like "I can't do that" or I don't have enough resources, connections or money" or I'm to old, it's too late for me" or "I don't know how to do all those things that I need to do to get to where I want to go"  or "what if I fail....I better not try, because if I don't try, that means I can never fail" and the list of excuses goes on and on and on.

A lot of people give up on their dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. "I don't have 5 years to spend working on my dream....I don't have the time" or "You are telling me that it will take many years because I can make any really big money?"

The thing is....time is going to pass anyway. But the question is..... where are you going to be in 5 years?
Right where you are right now? Or living the life that you designed for yourself and worked hard at creating for the past 5 years?
It's up to you!

It takes time and a lot of work to create what you really want in life.
Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and they underestimate what they are able to accomplish in 5-10 years.
But as human beings we have been taught there are quick fixes for almost anything in life.

But success in any area of your life and it doesn't matter if it's your health, your business or your relationships, it all takes time and a lot of work. I like to refer to it as the 3 P's.....

If you want to live your dream it probably will involve change. It means that YOU have to change.

All change is difficult. It doesn't matter if it's change that we choose, in other words a positive wanting you accomplish you dream. It's still difficult and sometimes even scary.
Our fear surfaces when we have to trade what is familiar to us for the uncertainty of something new and unknown.

This is exactly why so many people decide to sleep walk through life. They stay in jobs that will make them completely miserable and they stay in relationships that they outgrew 20 years ago, leaving them feeling empty and lonely on the inside.

Don't allow your life to just pass you by. A half-lived life is the ultimate tragedy.
Let this year be the year that you stop settling for less than what you are capable of doing and creating.
Raise your standards and start taking action.

Wake Up and Start Living - Be the STAR in your own movie.

Start designing your life TODAY. Don't wait.

You can do it! I believe in you!

If you want more insight, inspiration and ideas on how to live your dream, I have a great book that I want you to read......My latest book....Wake Up and Start Living.

You can order it in the US if you are in Europe if you are in Sweden


Monday, January 15, 2018

Wake Up and Start Living - Book by Karin Glannstam

                                                      "You were given this life
                                       because you are strong enough to live it."
                                                             - Unknown

I am so excited because my second book was published on the 1st of January, this year.

The title of the book is Wake Up and Start Living - Be The Star In Your Own Movie.

There are many things that I have come to understand throughout the many years I been enrolled in "Earth School".

One of the things I have learned is that it's never too late to grow, learn, expand, to change course and to change and expand perspective.

Another thing I have learned is that we all want to live a life of purpose and meaning. We deserve to live a life that we are excited about. Most of us want to be happy, have peace of mind, loving friends and family, good health, a great job or career and also have a certain level of financial comfort.

We are all unique individuals. Everyone has been created with a gift. Your gift is totally unique to you. It might be similar to someone else's, but your gift is yours. It's also up to you to utilize the gift that has been given to you. If you incorporate your gift into your life and share it with the world it will give you happiness, success, purpose, meaning, passion and it will make you feel alive.

Make sure that you use your gift. Don't be shy and don't hold back. The world needs what you have got. Celebrate your uniqueness. Allow your own light to shine.

Create a new vision for your life. Something that gives you purpose. Don't allow the past to stop you from living a happy and fulfilling life. Never allow the limitations of others, limit your own vision. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.

We must have goals in our lives to be happy. We must also design a method of accomplishing these goals and then actually take the steps that will move us closer to what we desire. Success takes time, effort, perseverance, persistence and a lot of patience. Success won't happen overnight.

You are a strong, empowered human being and you are able to create anything that you desire and dream of in your life. Dream big dreams. Your mind is magnificent. Take the lid of it and let it soar.

                                       "When I stand before God at the end of my life,
                  I hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say,
                                                  I used everything you gave me."
                                                        - Emma Bombeck

Are you doing something with your life?

Are you doing all that you need and can do?

Are you the person that you want to be?

It's time to wake up and start living!

Are you ready?

From the book....... Wake Up and Start Living


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How Long Does It Take To Establish A New Habit?

                                                    "Setting goals takes desire,
                                                     but completing them takes
                                                              - Ron Hawks

Since it's the beginning of the year, goal setting is a hot topic.

A lot of people will decide on a new life and then they create some new goals for themselves that they want to accomplish during the coming year.

It doesn't matter if your goal is about health, wealth or creating better relationships, unfortunately most give up on their goals by the 21st of January.
Only three weeks into the new year they already give up on what they want to accomplish.

Now you often hear this question asked.....How long does it take to establish a new habit or goal?

Some people will say 21 days, some people will say 60 days and others will say even a year.

In my own experience and what I also have heard from others is that it will take a while before your new habit becomes automatic.
I believe that 21 days is a very good start. You have definitely got a good start to your new habit.

I always feel that the first week is the most difficult. After that every day gets a little easier.
Of course you have to work hard at continuing your new habit and learn to control triggers that will send you back to doing what you used to do.

Learn to control yourself and your own environment as much as possible is key. Stay busy.

If you are trying to lose weight, then get rid of all the unhealthy food in your pantry and in your refrigerator.
Stay away from eating out, so you won't be tempted to load up on unhealthy food.
Stay away from people and friends that like to overindulge in food and sweets.

Simple things to do, but sometimes not easy things to do.
When you feel stressed, instead of going to the refrigerator for food, maybe you want to learn to meditate, call a friend or just go for a walk.

How long does it take to establish a new habit or goal?

I believe that it will take around three months.
If you have been working on your new habit or been trying to get rid of a bad habit, three months is a great start and you have created some great momentum.
After three months you are well on your way to a being able to kick your old habit or creating a new one.
Of course the longer you stay with this new habit the more likely you are to be successful.

Be mindful, learn to deal with stressors and appreciate yourself and your efforts every day.

You can do this! I believe in you!


Monday, January 8, 2018

If You Could Not Fail..... What Great Goal Would You Set For Yourself?

                                             Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season.

2018 is here and I believe that it will be an amazing year.

Did you decide on any New Year's resolutions or goals for 2018?

Here are a few facts about New Year's resolutions or goals for the new year.
By January 21st most people have already given up on their new goal(s) and only 8% will actually follow through and accomplish what they set out to do in the beginning of the year.

Now, I don't want you to quit by January 21. I want you to be part of the 8% group.
Is it possible for you to accomplish your goals? Of course it is.
Just decide that no mater how difficult it gets and how un-motivated you feel, you are going to accomplish the goal(s) that you set for yourself.

Today, decide that you are now part of the 8% elite group that will accomplish their goals in 2018.
You can do it.....I believe in YOU!

One great strategy that you might want to consider here in the beginning of 2018 when you are setting out to accomplish your new vision for yourself, is that....Small things done consistently in strategic places over time bring progress.

Also remember that things are also very difficult in the beginning when you are trying and doing something new.
Think of it like this.....It's the old YOU, fighting the New more improved person that you want to become in the future.
Any time to try something new you will be faced with resistance. The question is....are you going to let resistance stop you or are you going to push through the short term pain to get what you want in life?
The choice is always yours.

Here is a great mental exercise

What one great thing would you dare to dream, if you knew that you could not fail?

If you were guaranteed success in any goal, big or small, short-term or long-term, if you could take a magic pill, and you be absolutely guaranteed success, what one goal would you set for yourself?

When you ask that question, big goals will usually come into your mind.
And you also start to realize that it's fear that holds you back more than anything.
Because if you were absolutely guaranteed success, you would be unstoppable.
Nothing would hold you back.

You must find the courage to rise above your fear. You're worth it and despite what your thoughts say, you are ready, right now.

If someone told that that you were indestructible and that you could accomplish any goal that you set for yourself, what different things would you do?


Monday, December 11, 2017

Taking A Break For The Holidays

One of the real joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say Thank You.

Thank you for your continued support and for reading my blog posts.

I am going to take a break for the rest of this year to finish some project and to re-charge my batteries for 2018.

My next blog will be posted on January 8, 2018.

During this time I will also limit my presence on social media.

Here is a great exercise that you might want to check out.
Celebrate yourself and everything that you accomplished during this past year.
Big or small accomplishments...... it doesn't matter. You must celebrate!!!

                             Wishing Everyone a Joyous Holiday Season.

                       Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Embrace Challange

I am willing to challenge myself, because I know I will grow.

When challenge comes up in your life, do you like it or do you feel it's a big inconvenience?

In today's society any inconvenience or challenge is many times a reason to complain and to moan and groan. Any little thing will freak some people out and often they get outraged.

We have lost the challenge mindset and we have instead adapted a complaint mindset or maybe we should call it a comfort mindset.

If you want to be good at anything in life you must learn to love and invite challenge into your life.

High performers love challenge. In a way they are addicted to learning new things and to growth.
They constantly want to get better.
Maybe it's because somewhere earlier in their life they were struggling and they learned that it's through learning and growing they will improve themselves and their lives. And the only way to learn and grow is through challenge.

When we stretch we get better. When we push ourselves we get better faster.

In today's world where convenience is everywhere it's easier to be comfortable than it's to challenge ourselves to push.

As soon as something gets a little difficult people quit. They quit on their dream for their future, they quit on their finance goals, their health and wellness plan and also their relationships.
They are gone as soon as it gets challenging.
At the first sight of hardship, people turn around and they run. If you want to adopt the challenge mindset you must be willing to go for it. Be willing to accept and anticipate challenges and obstacles. When you overcome a challenge, you will become better. Any challenge that happens in your life, you will see yourself overcoming it.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Create Some Magic Moments In Your Life

                           "We wait, starving for moments of high magic to inspire us,
                                  but life is full of common enchantments waiting for
                                                    our alchemist's eye to notice."
                                                           - Jacob Norby

Do you like magic moments or memorable moments?

I know I do and I'm sure a lot of your do.

But often in life and in our relationships with others we have a tendency to get a little lazy.
We get caught up in busyness and we forget to stay in touch with family and friends.
This happens to most of us at some point in our lives.

But since it's soon Christmas why not create some of those magical moment yourself?
Don't wait for others to do it for you.
You can start today by thinking up a few ways how you can do something special for someone you love or care about. It doesn't have to be a big gesture.

How about going out for coffee, lunch or dinner?
Maybe invite them to your home and enjoy your Christmas decoration and some Christmas music while drinking some hot chocolate and catching up on what has been going on in their life?
Another great idea to bring some Christmas cheer or magic to someone is to buy them a nice flower or bake some cookies for them.
It can be as simple as a phone call and make sure that you will have some time to actually listen to the other person without talking about yourself and your life the whole time.

There are a lot of ways to create some magic in our own lives and also in other people lives.
Don't be lazy. Just because you might be busy there are a lot of people that are very lonely and alone during the holidays. When you do something nice for someone you will automatically feel better yourself. It's like the gift that keeps on giving.
All it takes is just a little effort on your part, but you will get so much in return.
And don't give me that crap that you don't have time, because it's not true.
You have time if you are willing to put in a little effort.

The good thing is that not only for the moment will you have fun and enjoy a great conversation with someone that you haven't talked to for a while but you will always be able to revisit the magic moment that you created for the rest of your life and it will absolutely bring a smile to your face.

I don't think that we need to wait for Christmas to come around to create these moments. We can do it all the time. But since it's soon Christmas, it might be a good time to start and then you can continue the habit all throughout the year or even the rest of your life.

And you can also create some magic moments with people that you don't know by volunteering your time to help others. A lot of magic can be created that way.

You don't have to be a magician to create some magic in your life and other people's lives.
All it takes is a few simple ideas and some effort on your part.

Connect with people and create some magic moments together.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How To Stay Excited About Your Big Dream

                                                     "The thrill is to keep
                                                    envisioning what can be."
                                                         - Oprah Winfrey

How are you coming along with your vison for 2017?
This year is almost gone. Only one month left.
Have you accomplished what you set out to accomplish in the beginning of 2017?

I believe that if you really want to have a great vision for your life and if you want to stick with making it happen, you better on a daily basis be excited about your decision to accomplish your dream.

The new year comes along and people have a huge ambition and they are excited about it.
They know that this time they are going to make it happen.
They are going to achieve their dream.
They are going to work towards it on a daily base.
But as we all know.....this ambition and the excitement is gone by March.

So how are we going to change this?
You don't want to start something in January and already be done by March.

What we know is that high achievers are excited all the time about their vision.
They stir their dream on a daily base to keep it alive.

It's like stirring the camp fire. When it's about to die down, you stir it a little and it comes alive again and starts burning.
But you don't want to wait until your desire and your ambition is about to die before you stir and get excited about it.
The trick is to keep it burning constantly. On a daily base you must stir your ambition in order to stay excited about accomplishing your dream for your life.

High achievers think about their dream more often than the average person does.
They think about their dream first thing in the morning as they wake up. And the think about it before that go to bed.
They think of what they want a little longer than most people do.
At the end of the day they usually reflect back on the day. Figure out what went well and what they need to improve on.

On Sundays they think of what they want for the upcoming week and then make plans to accomplish it. They are thinking about their dream and they create an excitement that will fuel their ambition to move towards accomplishing it.

If you don't think about what you really want and desire of life, you will never play at the top levels.

You must have a burning desire or a hunger to be able to accomplish your dream and it has to be stirred on a daily basis.
We are not going to be hungry to accomplish our dream unless we are thinking about it on a continuing basis.

What is your discipline for re-visiting your dream or ambition?

How are you stirring your dream, your ambition or desire?

What are you doing on a daily basis to move you forward towards accomplishing your dream?

Show me when and where in your life that this is showing up?

If I can't find it or you can't show it to me.....I don't believe you.

Get excited about your dream. Re-visit it on a daily basis.
Have daily disciplines that will more you close to accomplishing your dream.
Think about what you want and stir your dream often.


Monday, November 27, 2017

Every Day Matters

                                                   Tell Someone They Matter

Do you believe that life is short and that every day matters?

I do believe this and yesterday I got another reminder why I believe this to be true.

Yesterday I was working together with some friends of mine, when one of them told me that another friend of ours husband had passed away. He was only 63 years old.
I know this person and I have worked with her, and I had also met her husband several times.
Last time I spoke with her was in the end of September. She told me that her husband was having back pain and was recuperating in bed.
Two months later I find out that this man passed away a few weeks ago.
All of this happened in less than two months.
I was chocked yesterday when I got the news, and today I'm still trying to wrap my brain around what has happened and in such short period of time.

Now......Do you believe that life is short and every day matters?

I have felt for a long time that I should stop wasting time and energy on things that don't really matter.

I believe that every day matters.... because I have lost a lot of days.

I also believe that every day matters because I have lost a lot of people that I care about.

I also believe that every day matters because I have lost opportunities and I have wasted a lot of valuable time.

A believe that a lot of you might feel the same way?

If you believe this I hope that it will give you some inspiration, motivation and hopefully it will give you some discipline to not waste time and to really believe that EVERY DAY MATTERS.

I am sure you heard a lot of people say...."Live today like it was your last day here on earth."

Think like a painter.....make each day that you are here on earth your masterpiece because you might not be at the canvas tomorrow.
You might not be alive to create more of what we call life.
Today is a special day.

If you believe that every day matters..... how can you be more mindful of the day that you have been blessed with?

Maybe you would get off social media and your phone and have dinner together with you family members.

Instead of watching TV.....maybe you would call a friend on the phone or even better meet for coffee.

Don't take on that extra project that might give you some extra cash but it will take away time from your children and your family.

Never leave on bad notes.

Don't go to bed angry at each other.

Don't leave for work without a smile, kiss or goodbye.

Since I am such an animal lover.....make sure you take time with your pets. They are precious.
Take your dogs for walks outside your own yard. It's good for them and it's also good for you.

Make sure that you always leave the last interaction  positive with someone..... because you might never actually see that person again.

I know that some of you have lost someone recently.
Somebody that you knew that is no longer here.

If we remember how important people are, maybe we can remember how important a day is.

If we can remember how important a day is, maybe we can remember to stop wasting time.

It's easy to waste a day.

But always remember that life is precious.....but it's also fragile.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Progress Towards Our Goal Will Make Us Feel Better

                                          "Progress is impossible without change,
                                          and those who cannot change their minds
                                                   cannot change anything."
                                                    - George Bernard Shaw

Did you know that progress towards our goals will make us feel better?

Progress towards our goals will make us treat other people better. Isn't that fascinating?

When you have a vision for your life and moving towards it on a daily base you are being nicer to other people.
They actually know this from science.

People who sense that their life matters, people who have a vision of what is possible for them and people who are progressing in their life....many areas of their lives improve automatically.

Their relationships improve, their health improves, their finances improve, time-management improves and their ability to achieve other things improve.

Because something happens when you have a clear vision of what you want.
Take action on a daily base and then get some wind behind your back.
Your confidence is growing when you are knocking things of your daily to-do list.
You are feeling more capable.
You try new things and that will make your confidence grow even more.

Most people will have problems with discipline in their lives because they are not inspired by a big goal or vision. They don't have anything big to go for when they get out of bed every morning.

You must have a big dream to get your butt out of bed.
You must have a big vision that will pull you forward no matter what is going on in the world and in your life right now.

If you are relying on your mood to make you disciplined you are in big trouble.
Instead have a big dream that will pull you through all the daily drama.

People on a path of purpose or on a mission don't have time for drama and silly distractions.
Because for them, the bigger vision and their ambition, washes away all the distractions.
They don't get caught up in complaining, gossiping and stirring up unnecessary drama.

People who get caught up in negativity and drama are the people that don't have anything better to fight for.

Make sure that you have a compelling future designed for you. Something that will make you jump out of bed every morning.
Focus on your dream and work towards it every day.


Monday, November 20, 2017

Take Advice......But Not Orders

                                                 I'm sorry I don't take orders!

Life is filled with challenges.
Challenging situations and also challenging people are everywhere.
Facing challenges and learning how to get through them will make us grow as individuals.
Many people will try to avoid challenges and difficult situations because these situations/people will make them feel very uncomfortable. Of course growth of any kind will makes us feel uncomfortable for a while until we get the hang of it.

A couple of months ago I was facing a difficult situation with a particular person that I had to work with once or twice a week. I only had to spend a short time with this person but she was a little bit on the difficult side. Very negative and pessimistic and also created a lot of drama by gossiping and talking bad about other people.
People like this are all around us.
Anyway this person was giving me a hard time and then she started to accuse me of things that I had not done.

I can deal with negative people creating drama but I have a hard time dealing with people who say things about you that aren't true. This I must learn to get used to because a lot of people will say things that aren't true about you. Often they don't even know you.
This is something that I definitely have to work on. Just learn to ignore certain people and their behavior.

I allowed it to upset me but after a few days I talked to a trusted friend about what had happened. This friend of mine also knows this person real well. We talked about my challenge and she gave me some useful insight. She also told me how she would handle the situation if she was in my shoes.
She never told me how to deal with this person or what to do when it came to dealing with this person. She only told me how she would do it if she had to deal with particular person.

I thanked her for listening and for her advice on how to handle the situation the next time I encountered this person.

That evening I sat down and really thought about how to deal with the situation because I was going to work with this person in a couple of days. How was I going to do it?

I liked my friend's advice but it didn't feel right to me. It felt inauthentic to do what my friend recommended. It might have been the right thing for her but it didn't feel right to me.

A lot of times we will allow other people to tell us what to do. The problem with this is that we are doing what feels right for them but not what feel right for us.
People look at the same challenge or difficulty in many different ways. And the reason for that is that we all have different backgrounds, experiences, knowledge and conditioning.

It's good to ask for advice and a different point of view.
But in the end we must go with the solution or the answer that feels right for us. Otherwise we won't feel good about ourselves and the decision. It might have been good for someone else but for you it might be totally wrong.

And in the end you are the one that is going to have to live with the result of your decision so make sure that the decision is yours. If you go against yourself just to make it easier for someone else you will probably feel disappointed with yourself that you wasn't honest and stuck to your own decision.

So what did I do?

The advice that my friend suggested didn't feel like the right thing for me and I decided to go with a different solution that felt absolutely right to me.
I could not have done what my friend suggested that I do. It felt totally wrong to me.
In the end I wanted to feel happy and OK with myself and what I decided.

So my advice is to be true to yourself.......and everything will be fine.



Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Can You Go 7 Days Without Complaining?

                                      "If you have the time to whine and complain
                                         about something then you have the time to
                                                      do something about it."
                                                    -  Anthony J. D'Angelo

Do you know of someone who complains a lot?

Maybe it's YOU?

Are you a complainer?

It's easy to find something to complain about. I am guilty of it too.

We can either chooses to focus on what is working in our lives and what we appreciate or we can focus on that the world is going crazy and complain about it. Same amount of energy.

The difference is the way we feel in our bodies. Complaining will automatically lower our own energetic vibration.

Like attracts like. If you are a complainer you will likely attract other complainer and you will form a group and complain together.

Seldom will you find happy and content people hanging out with complainers and gossipers. They are too busy making things happens in their own life.

I complain too, but I am really trying to break this habit. I try to pay more attention to what comes out of my mouth on a daily base. But it's so easy to fall into the same pattern of complaining and the first key to changing it is to become aware of that you are doing it.

Also when you are around people who are complaining it's easy to fall into the habit of complaining together with them. The key is to either stay quiet and don't lean into the conversation or simply walk away.

Todays Challenge

Decide to not complain for 7 days straight.

No complaining verbally
No complaining in on social media.
No complaining in your thoughts

Do this for one week and you will be amazed how much better you will feel after a complain free 7 days.

Are you ready for this challenge?
Let me know how it goes.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Disciplining Your Disappointments

                                            "Adversity is a good test of our resilience,
                                                 our ability to cope, to stand back up,
                                                      to recover from misfortune.
                                                Adversity is a painful pedagogue."
                                                      - Charles R. Swindoll

It happened to me again last week. I fell into the ditch for a while.
I didn't stay there very long before I climbed out of there....but I fell.

When you are building new habits patters of thought and action, it doesn't matter if it's in business, health, sports or life, there will be times when you will end up off course or off track.
You will encounter adversity, setbacks and disappointments on the path to success.
They key it not to avoid adversity, but to learn how to re-direct your efforts, re-establish your successful habits and get walking again.

You don't want to end up in the ditch. But if you do you must crawl out of there as quickly as possible and continue on your path.

Some people will be so discouraged by adversity or a setback that they will quit doing what they were doing before it happen.

But you can start again.
It all comes down to your mindset, attitude and you willingness to go again.
You can decide to be discouraged by what happed or you can be inspired and learn from it.
Same incident but two different attitudes about what happened.

The magic is...... that you can turn it around..... but the mystery is.... that not everyone will.
Some people will use adversity or a setback as a reason to success and others will use it as a reason to give up.
Same circumstance.

What separates an amateur from a pro in business or in life is not that the pro is avoiding adversity..... but the pro quickly recovers from it.

The amateur loses a big game, business affects them for a long time. Sometimes a year or longer.
But a pro will shake it off, learn from it and then quickly recover and get back on track.
They might be angry and upset, but it doesn't last long. Tomorrow they will go again.
They won't allow it to affect them for a year or a lifetime.
An amateur and a pro are both affected the same way but the response is different.

The key to quickly recover is to have something to go for right away.
Try putting something together quickly. It might not be the total answer, but it's the answer for now and it will get you start walking again.

As for myself, I didn't allow the adversity to affect me too long. But it did affect me and I ended up in the ditch.
Next time I hope that I can prevent myself from falling into the ditch because it takes quite a bit of mental energy to crawl out of there and to get back on track.
Mental energy that I could have used for something better.

The key is to not fall in the ditch in the first place but sometimes it happens no matter how good you are. I guess I need to practice and learn a few more skills before I will be able to just walk on by and not fall into the ditch when I encounter this kind of adversity.

What helped me to recover quickly from the incident last week was that I shared what had happened with a trusted friend. She was willing to listen and also gave me some important feedback and valuable insight.

Yes....unfortunately I ended up in the ditch but the good things is that I was there less than 24 hours. More like 12 hours.
I have learned from what happen and hopefully I will be able to stay out of the ditch in the future.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Four Important Questions To Ask Yourself

                                                 "Resolve to be a master of change,
                                                    rather than a victim of change."
                                                                  -Brian Tracy

Resolve - Promising yourself that you will never give up.

What is your dream?

What are you trying to accomplish with your life?

If you are not sure or maybe you haven't yet decided to go for it, here are a few questions that might help you decide and then take action.

Why should I try?
Why should I work so hard trying to better myself and my life?
Why do I want to create a better future for myself and for others?

What else am I going to do with my time and my life?

Some people have done the most incredible things with a limited start.
Why not YOU?
You can do incredible things because you are an incredible person.

Why wait?
Why postpone your great future any longer?
Get going today.
Decide and take action.

Embark on a journey to improve your life and the life of others.
Enjoy your life as you seek to improve it.
Seek knowledge, so that your value to yourself and others will increase.
Be a doer, not just a listener.


Monday, November 6, 2017

You Can't Pull Yourself Up By Tearing Down Others.

                                                        "You never look good,
                                          trying to make someone else look bad."
                                                              - Unknown

What Would You Do?

If you had the tallest building in New York City for a while..... but after you built your building several other builders built taller buildings than yours....... what would you do to yet again have the tallest building?

A. You start tearing down all the buildings that are taller than yours.
You might get away with tearing down the first one but sooner or later someone will discover what you are up to and they will start guarding their buildings and telling you to not come around their building. They know what you are up to.

B. You could add more stories to your building or build a brand new one.
You focus on what you can do to create what you want instead of tearing down what other people have build or accomplished.

I know I would go for B.
It would involve more work on my part but in the end I would be proud of what I created myself and I know that I didn't create it by pushing or pulling someone else down.

The above example might not be such a great one..... but what I am trying to get to is that in life often people will rather tear down someone else or something that someone else has created instead of focus on what they themselves are capable of creating for themselves, in their own life.
It seems like it is easier to pull someone down than it is to pull yourself up.

Some people will become jealous or envious if someone else have what they themselves want.
Since someone else has what they want .....then there won't be enough for them. They will never be able to have it. This is a lack-mentality. Since you have it....they must take it from you instead of creating it for themselves.

There is plenty for all..... if you are willing to work for can have it too.
This is a abundant-mentality.

Sometimes people try to expose what is wrong with you, because the can't handle what is right with you.

Maybe someone has a lot of energy, they are happy and they live a healthy lifestyle. Automatically some people will get jealous of that and they will try to do things or talk bad about this person because they themselves lack energy, health and happiness in their own life. They have in other words chosen example A.
They tear into someone else, trying to bring them down to their own level. Or they try to take away what this person has so they can have it themselves.

Instead they can choose B. A much smarter approach. They can ask the person that is healthy, happy and energetic how they are able to create this in their life. Realizing that they can also create this in their own life. But of course that will require some changes in their own life and some work on their part.

If there is someone that you admire with someone or maybe they created something that you would like to have.....find out how they did it.
Ask them how they created the life and the habits that you want and then you model them and you can live like this person.

It doesn't matter if it has to do with money, wealth, a great career, great relationships, happiness, health & vitality or a lot of energy. If you got it.....some people want it and sometimes they will try to take it from you or they will try to tear you down to get to what they want. And if they can't have it, they don't want you to have it either.

Don't use that approach. Instead ask or find out how this person created great wealth in their life, or how they have such a happy marriage, how they have such a high energy level, how they were able to create a business career or how they can remain so peaceful and calm no matter what is going on in the world.

Just remember that you can never pull yourself up by tearing down others.
If you want to pull yourself have to do the work yourself.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Embrace Your Personal Power

                                                        You have personal power
                                                          that creates your world.
                                                                   OWN IT!

The source of personal power starts with YOU.

When you are in better shape physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually you are more capable of negotiating more effectively. You make better decisions. Your creativity flows. You are a better manager when it comes to people around you. Your relationships improve.

Changing yourself is the first step in changing your career, your relationships - both at work and your intimate relationships.
It starts with YOU.

Taking action is a way of building more personal power in your life.
Any muscle that you don't exercise on a daily base will eventually get weaker. Same thing with taking is also a muscle. Have you used it lately?
The way to build a muscle is to start small and then build.

Today I have a very simple exercise that you can do to immediately increase the quality of your life.  You will feel good and your self-esteem will soar..... because you actually followed through.

Right now think of two actions that you have been putting off for a while.
Two things that you should do. Two things you need to do but you are constantly putting them off.

Maybe it's making a phone call or two
Starting a blog
Quit smoking or drinking
Saying NO
Re-connect with a friend or family-member
Losing weight
Limit certain foods in your diet
Asking for a raise
Change job
Saving money

Pick two actions that would immediately change the quality of your life.

What are those two action?
Decide and commit to follow through. This is it!!!

There is tremendous power in making a decision and then immediately follow through on your decision.

You can start with something small - then build.

- Write down the two decisions that you made.
- Take action on them immediately - RIGHT NOW!

Don't put it off another minute. Do whatever it takes. There is power in momentum. Don't wait or delay.

Decision - Commitment to follow through - This will create PERSONAL POWER.

Go For It!!!

                                              Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

Monday, October 30, 2017

Knowing Is Not Enough - We Must Apply

                                                       Wisdom is knowledge,
                                                             rightly applied

We all have heard that knowledge is power.

What you know can drastically improve your life.
It can help you create changes, give you more insight and understanding. Ignorance is not bliss.

But is it true that knowledge is power? Not really.
Knowledge is not's potential power.

Knowledge is only power if you apply what you are learning.
You can study and learn all day in and day out, but if you never apply what you are leaning then it's just a lot of learning.

Most of us know what we should do with our lives, how to change, how to make our lives better,
but we still don't do it.

Do you know someone like that? Maybe it's YOU???

Having the knowledge is not enough, we have to get ourselves to follow through with what we are learning. We have to follow through with the new ideas, the new strategies and the new knowledge that we have come across.

Have you ever read a book that was filled with great ideas on how to make improvements in your life if you just followed a few simple rules and then applied them in your own life?

Most people have.

First we get excited about the new information as we read it and then we tell ourselves that this time we are going to implement these simple strategies in our own life.
We might even get so excited that we put the ideas on a piece of paper and tell ourselves that "I will start on Monday."
Then Monday turns into next Monday. That Monday turns into next month and then we find ourselves saying "someday I will."

Someday I will get my health-plan going.
Someday I will start saving money.
Someday I will change my job.
Someday I will change my attitude.
Someday I will lose weight.
Someday I will quit smoking.
Someday I will_________________ Finish the sentence.

Someday is not a day of the week.
Someday will probably not happen. It's the road to nowhere.

Did this happen because you didn't have the knowledge to do something or make a change in your life?
No it didn't.
You had the knowledge but you didn't apply what you knew.

So you see.....knowledge isn't enough and it has little power until you apply it in your own life.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

There's A Rainbow After Every Storm

                                                               "After rain
                                                          there's a rainbow
                                                            After a storm
                                                             there's calm
                                                            after the night
                                                           there's morning
                                                        and after an ending
                                                     there's a new beginning."
                                                              - Unknown

A couple of weeks ago I was working in another city during the day and I had to take the commuter train in the morning to work and back home in the afternoon.

It had rained and been cloudy almost all day but just about an hour before I was going back home the sun came out. It was great feeling because the sun had been absent for many days.

As I got on the train and sat down I happen to glance out of the window and I saw the most beautiful rainbow appearing. I was thrilled because I hadn't seen a rainbow in a very long time.

It was huge, colorful and it stretched all across the sky.

As the train got started I kept on watching the rainbow. I could see it almost all the way back to where I was getting off the train. It was absolutely gorgeous and I felt so happy watching it.

The rainbow got me thinking about storms.
There have been a lot of natural storms lately all over the world.

But we also have storms in our own lives.
Setbacks, crisis, problems and obstacles are always part of our journey.
It isn't sunny all the time.

But isn't it true though.....that after every storm there will be a rainbow?

No matter of what is going on right will eventually go away and a rainbow will appear.

This too shall pass.

I think it's comforting to know that even if I am going through a crisis or having a huge problem right won't last forever. It will eventually change.

Good or bad....things will always change. It always does.

So if you are going through a difficult time in your life right now......
remember that there will eventually be a beautiful rainbow appearing.

                                             Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

Monday, October 23, 2017

Are You Feeling SAD This Time Of The Year?

                                             "They say that a few minutes each day
                                                            of petting your dog,
                                                 can raise your serotonin levels."
                                                            - Neil S. Plakcy

Are you feeling a little sad this time of the year?

I am definitely feeling a lack of energy and some sadness at this time of the year.
It is getting darker, the days are getting shorter and there is less sunshine during the day.

Right now as I am spending time in Sweden, I am really being affected by the weather and the lack of sunlight and daylight. Most days are very gloomy over here and they are also rapidly getting shorter and shorter.

Today I am going to talk about SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder.
SAD is a form of depression that is triggered by changing seasons.

Sunlight and darkness trigger the release of hormones in our brain.
Exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the brains release of the hormone serotonin.
Serotonin is affecting our mood, our energy level, memory, focus, mental sharpness and the way we look at life.

Without enough sunlight exposure a person's serotonin levels can dip low and that is associated with the risk of SAD.
Both SAD and the winter blues is related to the lack of sunlight.

Serotonin is helping us to regulate our moods and when the level goes down we are at risk for depression.

Women produce serotonin only half as fast at men do and that can explain why more women then men get depressed.

Sunlight has been proven to boost positive moods and diminish tiredness. Getting minimal periods of sunlight can negatively impact our mood.

There is no wonder that I prefer the sunny and warm weather in Texas to what we have going on right now here in Sweden.
Not only does it affect my mood but I feel like I can sleep all the time.
The reason for that is that the hormone melatonin (the "sleepy" hormone) increases with decreased light and that explains why we get a tired feeling as early as four in the afternoon when it begins to get dark outside.

Anything that is affecting our mood will also affect our behavior.
On rainy days people are less satisfied with their lives.
I know when the sun is shining I feel like I have less problems and it is easier to deal with anything compared to a rainy day when just going for a walk with the dogs can sometimes feel like a uphill battle.

Another thing that can deplete our serotonin levels is prolonged stress. Stress will wear us out!
Stay away from stressful situations as much as possible.

Here are a few TIPS to boost serotonin!

Get enough light
Spend time outdoors. Make sure that you go outside for at least 30 minutes per day.

Eat healthy fats
Omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon, fish oils, nuts and flaxseed oil.

Exercise regularly
A great way to boost serotonin levels can be as simple as a daily 30-60 minute walk.

Dark chocolate
This is my favorite tip!!!!!

Interact with others
Make sure that these people have a positive outlook on life

Reduce stress
Try meditation, yoga and deep breathing exercises and spending more time relaxing.

Happy memories
Like pictures in a photo album might give you a serotonin boost.

Hang out with your pets