Monday, May 11, 2020

What Do You Feed Your Mind?

                                       "It's the food which you furnish to your mind
                                     that determines the whole character of your life."
                                                             - Emmet Fox

I am sure that you have heard a lot of people say that your body is what you feed it.

If we feed our body great stuff, we will feel better and our bodies will feel better.
If we give our bodies the right fuel, we will feel more energized, have more stamina, feel happier and our overall quality of life will be a lot better than if we feed our bodies unhealthy and low quality products or fuel.

It's the same way with our cars. If we want our cars to run good we have to put good fuel into the car. Have the oil changed and also service the care, when needed. If we ignore to do this, the care won't be running as well and eventually the car might even break down.

Our minds will also reflect what we are feeding it. We need great mind food to allow our minds to operate on a high level. Our environment, what we watch on TV, the internet, what we read, the people and groups of people that we associate with on a regular basis, our close family and friends have a huge effect on the way we think.
What kind of food are you serving your mind on a regular basis?

When we plant a new flower in our garden, we have to make sure that the plant is going to get just the right amount of sunshine. We have to dig a big enough whole for it so the roots have room to grow. We have to water it regularly and we also have to fertilize the plant to make it grow, expand and blossom. The bigger and more vibrant we want the plant to grow, the more we have to water and fertilize it.

It's the same way with our minds. Are you giving your mind enough water for it to grow or are you watering the weeds instead? The weeds I am referring to is all the negativity that we are surrounded by everywhere. The news on TV and internet, the newspaper and the negative people that we encounter everywhere on a daily basis.
Negative voices and influences are everywhere. You can't afford to water the weeds.

Are you fertilizing your mind with great nutritional food like reading and learning about people that are doing great things in this world? Are you reading inspiring and empowering books, articles written by people who have accomplished amazing things and that are continuing to do great things?
Are you spending time with people that want to grow, expand and do great things in this world, or do you prefer the status quo?

Are you giving your mind room to grow by trying new things? Maybe learning some new skills, meet new people, starting a new hobby or joining a new group of people instead of always spending time with the same reference group and do the same things that you have been doing for the last 5, 10, or 25 years?

Your body is what you feed it.
Your mind is what you feed it.

Maybe it's time to take a closer look at what you are feeding your mind?


Monday, May 4, 2020

Is It Time To Detox Your Brain?

                                                         Negative thinking
                                              will never make your life positive.

Have you been dealing with negative thoughts in your life?
Maybe you have been stuck in a negative thought pattern for a while?
If your answer is YES to these might need a brain detox!

I am sure that many of you have heard about detoxing your body and maybe some of you have even tried it for yourself.

Lately we have come to find out that a lot of illnesses are the result of toxins been lodged in the body and it needs to come out. This is accomplished in a various of ways.  A lot of people have had amazing results due to going through a detox of their body.

How about your brain, does it need to go through a detox?

What is a brain detox?
During a brain detox you will replace your toxic, negative thoughts with healthy and positive ones.
Once you do this you will discover amazing results in every area of your life.

Consciously controlling your thought patterns is one of the best ways of detoxing your brain. When you do this detox it will allow you to get rid of the toxic thoughts and emotions that can and will consume and control your mind.

Change your thoughts and you will change your life.
Change in your thinking is essential to detoxing your brain. To consciously controlling your thought patterns means that you won't allow toxic thoughts to run wild through your mind. It means that you pay attention to your thoughts. Examine and analyze your thought, before you decide to either accept or reject the thoughts.

How many "should have, could have and would have" statements..... have you made today?

How many "if only"..... have you made today?

How many times have you replayed  a situation or conversation that has not even happened yet and might never happen?

How many times have you replayed an old hurtful memory from the past?

How many scenarios have you created of doom and gloom that you believe will happen in the future?

How much is speculation on your part?

Are you making up your own stories about a disease that you think you might have?

Are you making up stores of why you can't be successful in life?

Is your mind passive? Are you allowing any thought to enter you mind without examining it?

Do you think your brain needs a detox right now?

Brain Detox
Start by replacing wrong and unhealthy thoughts with right and healthy thoughts.
Negative thoughts will weaken you while positive thoughts will strengthen you.

Of course this will be a process that you have participate in throughout your life. But each and every negative or toxic thoughts that is replaces with a positive and empowering thought, will create more joy, health, happiness and peace in your body and in your life.