Friday, November 13, 2015

Do You Know the Difference Between a Vision and a Goal?

                                        "Where there is no vision, there is no hope."
                                                 - George Washington Carver

                                    "Set goals high and don´t stop till you get there."
                                                           - Bo Jackson

I am sure you have heard the words vision and goals being tossed around a lot lately.
Everywhere you look and listen a lot of people are discussing how to create your vision and live the life of your dreams.

We must create a vision for out lives....
We need goals to accomplish our vision....
We must first know our vision before we can accomplish our dreams...
Without a vision people will perish....
Goals lead to success.......

Well.... I think you get the idea.

Do you know the difference between a vision and a goal?

First we must create a vision.
What do I really want. What am I trying to create here. Without a vision it is a little hard to figure out where you are going to go.
Goals are simply stepping stones to get you to your vision.

Let me give you and example.....
If you are planning a trip to go overseas and visit Paris for a first need to decide where you are going.
Paris... is your vision
Now your goals are like little stepping stones. Daily, weekly and monthly, yearly action steps that will take you in the right direction.
Going to Paris. You need to decide for how long, when and if you are going to travel by yourself or together with someone. How much money will you need.

Goals are deciding how much money you need to save every week or month to get there. Maybe you want to start studying some French. Maybe getting in better shape because in Europe people walk a lot more. Reading some books about French culture.

Another example is weight loss and living a healthier life style
The vision is weight loss...20 Pounds and healthier living.
The goals are maybe drinking more water on a daily base, start an exercising routine 3-4 times per week. Maybe joining Weigh Watchers and attending weekly meeting. Replacing sugar with eating more fruits. Reading a few books about people who have been successful at losing and then maintaining their weight.

A lot of time when I start coaching new clients they don´t know what they want. The only know that they don´t like their current situation and they want something to change.
So first it is important to figure your vision...WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT?

Here are a few TIPS!

1. Figure out your vision. You have to know where you want to be in the future.
    (weight loss)

2. Always be specific (20 pounds) 

3. Always put a time line on your vision. (I want to have lost the weight by Aug. 31, 2016)

4. Now start creating your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.
   Your action steps that will move  you in the direction of your vision.
5. Always put everything in writing and look at your vision and your goals
   at least twice a day.

                                          Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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