Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Great Book to Inspire and Motivate You

Great Book that I just read..."Act like a Success Think like a Success" Steve Harvey

In this book Steve Harvey shares his personal principles of his success with a great sense of humor and remarkable insights. This book will inspire you and motivate you to make some new changes in your own life.

I just love this analogy from the book. He calls it "Man on a Rope"

      For those of you striving to become successful, our journey can be compared to the task of pulling a wagon up a steep hill. Those willing to make the climb are typically business leaders, business owners, heads of families, foundation heads, leaders of children, or pastors of churches. This wagon is like a wooden wagon that you have seen in Westerns. Our responsibility is to pull the wagon uphill.
       This wagon doesn´t have rubber wheels on it. It doesn´t have a motor. It doesn´t have wire spokes. It is just an old wagon that you are pulling up a hill.
What makes your journey more challenging is the added weight of the people riding in your wagon.    You are carrying them. The only people who can get on the wagon are people whom you allow to board. If you are smart, you will choose based on who will assist you in getting the heavy wagon up the hill. You don´t want a cart full of dead weight. No one else can pull the wagon but you. You are the one who wants to become successful. You´re the one with the gift and the vision. Whom do you have on your wagon.
      People can aid you in your climb, but they can´t pull your rope for you. What you are looking for are people who have one leg over on the side, pushing with their foot and trying to help you move the wagon up the hill. They are not strong on their own to have their own wagon, but they are good enough that you are letting them help you get your wagon up the hill.
      The people in your wagon should play various roles that contributes to your success, or else what is the point of lugging them around. The problem with dragging everybody up the hill is that some are not contributing. When they see that you are not looking they lift their foot up and just ride a bit. Some people have gotten so slick with it that they have figured out how to get up in the middle of the wagon and not do anything at all but just ride.
      Whom do you have on your wagon who isn´t helping you get up the hill? You want people who can propel your vision. When pulling a wagon up the hill, everyone on board must have a role of value or significance. You want to have people with you who can aid you on your journey.

                                                Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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