Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Leader Of The Pack

                                                      "A leader is one who knows the way,
                                                                        goes the way,
                                                                   and shows the way."

I love dogs, (and cats ). All kinds of dogs, it doesn't matter. Mostly through my life I have had Labrador Retrievers. Right now I only have one dog and her name is Lady. My beloved dog Nikki, passed away in October of last year. She was 12,5 years old. She got to travel three times across the Atlantic, and she lived both in Texas and in Sweden. Lady has also lived in Sweden and she has flown over the Atlantic twice.

I don't believe that there are any bad dogs, only dog owners that don't understand their own dogs. I am a huge fan of the TV series "The Dog Whisperer" with Cesar Millan and I think he really understands what dogs need.

                                  "Americans are very big about loving the dog first, 
                          so when you tell them you have to set rules and limitations,
                                a lot of people believe it's going to hurt their feelings.
                                They're actually looking for you to be the pack leader."
                                                             - Cesar Millan

I love all dogs, but I have to admit that I have great respect for any kind of Pitbull. The reason why is I don't have any experience with these type of dogs. They have gotten such a bad reputation in the media and there have been plenty of horror stories involving some type of Pitbull. They are a very powerful breed and you must learn how to handle them. I have been wanting to learn more about this breed, and of course I wanted someone that knows the breed to teach me.

A few months ago when I was out networking, I met a great woman by the name of Lynda Smith. She is our own local dog whisperer here in The Woodlands area. Let me tell you, she knows dogs!!!!

Lynda is the owner of Happy & Behaved Dog. She will come to your house and train you and your dog. She offers private and group sessions with your dog and she also offers private boarding.

Two weeks ago Lynda and I ran into each other again and while we were visiting, she mentioned to me that she was going to get a Pitbull that she was going to keep and it was going to be part of her permanent pack. Linda has 11 dogs at her house. So I recognized a great opportunity to be able to learn more about Pitbulls and asked Linda if I could come over to her place and learn about Pitbulls.

So last Friday I was introduced to one Pitbull and two Pitbull mixes, plus a lot of other great dogs.
What an amazing experience!!!

Linda had total control over all her dogs. They are very well behaved and well balanced.
My experience in getting to know and understand the breed was amazing.

If you need any help with your dog(s) call Linda Smith at 939-404-7050. 
The name of her company is Happy & Behaved Dog.
Your Live and Local Dog Whisperer.

                                         Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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