Monday, April 29, 2019

Do You Want Your Dream More Than Your Drama?

                                                  "Our beliefs become our thoughts.
                                                    Our thoughts become our words.
                                                      Our words become our habits.
                                                     Our habits become our values.
                                                    Our values become our destiny."
                                                                     - Gandhi

Do you want to be free?
If you do, then you have to let go of your old limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Taking scary steps out of your comfort zone and into the unknown, is the best way to uncover your own limiting beliefs or BS and bring it to the surface. Once it is brought to the surface you can investigate and examine it and then take some forward action.
By taking action you will make progress and you will also discover your own limiting beliefs or BS.

Once you have discovered your own limiting beliefs or deep-seated fears, the important thing is to keep moving forward, and not to retreat into an endless practice of self-analysis.
After a while you must stop processing your blocks and start taking some action, to be able to make the changes in your life that you so desperately want.

Don't get stuck and obsessed over your own issues and BS.
Are you someone that have already attended enough seminars, read a massive amount of books, already filled up 20 journals, de-constructed and then re-constructed your inner self , been to countless retreats as an excuse not to get out of your comfort zone and take scary leaps forward into the unknown?

It is absolutely crucial that we reflect and learn about ourselves, but it's equally important that we don't remain in self-analysis as a way of not taking scary action in our lives.
We actually have to do both.
Work on our own limiting stories and at the same time, take huge forward action.

A lot of us choose to hold onto our limiting beliefs about ourselves, about money, about relationships, about our own worth, about other people, about the world, and about our own capability to create change.

If you want to be free, all you have to do is to let go of those old limiting beliefs, your own BS, or your own old and outdated stories.
It is as simple as letting your own BS go, so you won't get trapped for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately so many people choose to stay stuck in their old stories because they get false benefits from them.
They get to keep the identity of a person without power to make change. They get to blame things that are outside of themselves, like their parents, siblings, spouse, the economy, the society, the political situation. They are often stuck in excuse mode.

                                                        "Get rid of all the excuses.
                                                                 You're equipped.
                                                      You already have everything
                                                   You need to fulfill your destiny."
                                                                  - Joel Osteen 

In other words you don't have to put yourselves out of our comfort zone and risk failing, looking like and idiot, being criticized, losing our money and also becoming different from our friends and family. You start asking yourself this....."What about if they don't like the changes that I am making, maybe they won't love and support me anymore?"
I get it.....this is some scary stuff !!!

In the end, 
you have to want your dream more than you want to hang onto your false beliefs, your excuses and your drama.


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