Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Don't Overthink, Just Let It Go

                                             "Let go of who you thought your life should be,
                                                 and embrace the life that is trying to work
                                                       its way into your consciousness."
                                                                   - Caroline Myss


Is it time to unload some messed up things, people and situations in your life?

Why are you hanging onto these people, situations and things?

Are you afraid that you won't find something better?
Is that why you are still with that man/woman that you have absolutely zero in common with and he/she doesn't support your dream? And remaining in this relationship, you have now gained an extra 50 pounds.
Time to let them go.

Why are you still at a job that you hate and where you know you will never make more money than what you are making right now? No opportunity for advancement. And besides that it constantly stresses you out and it makes you go shopping for things that you don't want. And eating things that you really don't want to eat, but doing this calms your nerves.
Does it feel safe and secure? But at the same time you are bored out of your mind. Is it worth staying where you are and never taking the opportunity to find out what you are really made of? What your gifts and talents are? What you have to offer the world that no one else has? You know, you only live once. You don't get a do-over.
Time to let it go.

Are you staying with a group of people because they are on the same level as you?
Maybe broke, miserable, angry, addicted, gossipers with no goals and no vision for the future. Why are you still hanging out with them? Are you afraid to break away, because if you do you must get out of your comfort zone and stop doing the same old things that you have been doing for the last 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years? And you have to start doing things that scares the crap out of you?
Time to let them go.

How about all that clutter in you house, why are you hanging onto broken lamps, furniture, rugs, curtains that you will never use again.
How about you closet. Isn't it about time you got rid of the clothes that you wore in high school, or the suit that your dad wore when you were a kid. Why are you hanging onto these things?
Time to let it go.

Yes, I know that you want things to get better in your life. We all want that.
But in order for something better to show up in your life, you must first create a space for it.
In other words, you first have to get rid of that crappy job before you will get a new one. Or at least start looking for a better one, starting today. Yes, you have to get rid of people that are not supporting you and your dream, before you can attract some better ones into your life.

Get rid off clutter in your life.
Clean out your closet, your house, your car, check on your friends. Decide who can stay and who needs to go.

Check on where you spend your time.
Do you really want to continue to give your time every Tuesday to this volunteer group, if they don't appreciate you? Do you want to show up on Wednesday mornings for this networking group if they are not supportive of you? Do you want to continue to spend time with groups or people that are not taking you in the direction of your dream?

First you must create a vacuum, before something better will show up in its place.

The tricky part is that you first have to let go of what isn't working. What you can see, hear and touch.
Then trust that the Universe will bring you something much better. Something that is more in alignment of who you are. Something that you haven't yet seen, heard or touched.

You have to believe it before you can see it.
Be convinced that the Universe will bring you something absolutely awesome.
It's called Faith. You must believe that what is in front of you is better than what is behind you.

Have the guts to do what is needed, not what is convenient.


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