Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How To Stay Excited About Your Big Dream

                                                     "The thrill is to keep
                                                    envisioning what can be."
                                                         - Oprah Winfrey

How are you coming along with your vison for 2017?
This year is almost gone. Only one month left.
Have you accomplished what you set out to accomplish in the beginning of 2017?

I believe that if you really want to have a great vision for your life and if you want to stick with making it happen, you better on a daily basis be excited about your decision to accomplish your dream.

The new year comes along and people have a huge ambition and they are excited about it.
They know that this time they are going to make it happen.
They are going to achieve their dream.
They are going to work towards it on a daily base.
But as we all know.....this ambition and the excitement is gone by March.

So how are we going to change this?
You don't want to start something in January and already be done by March.

What we know is that high achievers are excited all the time about their vision.
They stir their dream on a daily base to keep it alive.

It's like stirring the camp fire. When it's about to die down, you stir it a little and it comes alive again and starts burning.
But you don't want to wait until your desire and your ambition is about to die before you stir and get excited about it.
The trick is to keep it burning constantly. On a daily base you must stir your ambition in order to stay excited about accomplishing your dream for your life.

High achievers think about their dream more often than the average person does.
They think about their dream first thing in the morning as they wake up. And the think about it before that go to bed.
They think of what they want a little longer than most people do.
At the end of the day they usually reflect back on the day. Figure out what went well and what they need to improve on.

On Sundays they think of what they want for the upcoming week and then make plans to accomplish it. They are thinking about their dream and they create an excitement that will fuel their ambition to move towards accomplishing it.

If you don't think about what you really want and desire of life, you will never play at the top levels.

You must have a burning desire or a hunger to be able to accomplish your dream and it has to be stirred on a daily basis.
We are not going to be hungry to accomplish our dream unless we are thinking about it on a continuing basis.

What is your discipline for re-visiting your dream or ambition?

How are you stirring your dream, your ambition or desire?

What are you doing on a daily basis to move you forward towards accomplishing your dream?

Show me when and where in your life that this is showing up?

If I can't find it or you can't show it to me.....I don't believe you.

Get excited about your dream. Re-visit it on a daily basis.
Have daily disciplines that will more you close to accomplishing your dream.
Think about what you want and stir your dream often.


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