Monday, November 13, 2017

Disciplining Your Disappointments

                                            "Adversity is a good test of our resilience,
                                                 our ability to cope, to stand back up,
                                                      to recover from misfortune.
                                                Adversity is a painful pedagogue."
                                                      - Charles R. Swindoll

It happened to me again last week. I fell into the ditch for a while.
I didn't stay there very long before I climbed out of there....but I fell.

When you are building new habits patters of thought and action, it doesn't matter if it's in business, health, sports or life, there will be times when you will end up off course or off track.
You will encounter adversity, setbacks and disappointments on the path to success.
They key it not to avoid adversity, but to learn how to re-direct your efforts, re-establish your successful habits and get walking again.

You don't want to end up in the ditch. But if you do you must crawl out of there as quickly as possible and continue on your path.

Some people will be so discouraged by adversity or a setback that they will quit doing what they were doing before it happen.

But you can start again.
It all comes down to your mindset, attitude and you willingness to go again.
You can decide to be discouraged by what happed or you can be inspired and learn from it.
Same incident but two different attitudes about what happened.

The magic is...... that you can turn it around..... but the mystery is.... that not everyone will.
Some people will use adversity or a setback as a reason to success and others will use it as a reason to give up.
Same circumstance.

What separates an amateur from a pro in business or in life is not that the pro is avoiding adversity..... but the pro quickly recovers from it.

The amateur loses a big game, business affects them for a long time. Sometimes a year or longer.
But a pro will shake it off, learn from it and then quickly recover and get back on track.
They might be angry and upset, but it doesn't last long. Tomorrow they will go again.
They won't allow it to affect them for a year or a lifetime.
An amateur and a pro are both affected the same way but the response is different.

The key to quickly recover is to have something to go for right away.
Try putting something together quickly. It might not be the total answer, but it's the answer for now and it will get you start walking again.

As for myself, I didn't allow the adversity to affect me too long. But it did affect me and I ended up in the ditch.
Next time I hope that I can prevent myself from falling into the ditch because it takes quite a bit of mental energy to crawl out of there and to get back on track.
Mental energy that I could have used for something better.

The key is to not fall in the ditch in the first place but sometimes it happens no matter how good you are. I guess I need to practice and learn a few more skills before I will be able to just walk on by and not fall into the ditch when I encounter this kind of adversity.

What helped me to recover quickly from the incident last week was that I shared what had happened with a trusted friend. She was willing to listen and also gave me some important feedback and valuable insight.

Yes....unfortunately I ended up in the ditch but the good things is that I was there less than 24 hours. More like 12 hours.
I have learned from what happen and hopefully I will be able to stay out of the ditch in the future.


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