Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Can You Go 7 Days Without Complaining?

                                      "If you have the time to whine and complain
                                         about something then you have the time to
                                                      do something about it."
                                                    -  Anthony J. D'Angelo

Do you know of someone who complains a lot?

Maybe it's YOU?

Are you a complainer?

It's easy to find something to complain about. I am guilty of it too.

We can either chooses to focus on what is working in our lives and what we appreciate or we can focus on that the world is going crazy and complain about it. Same amount of energy.

The difference is the way we feel in our bodies. Complaining will automatically lower our own energetic vibration.

Like attracts like. If you are a complainer you will likely attract other complainer and you will form a group and complain together.

Seldom will you find happy and content people hanging out with complainers and gossipers. They are too busy making things happens in their own life.

I complain too, but I am really trying to break this habit. I try to pay more attention to what comes out of my mouth on a daily base. But it's so easy to fall into the same pattern of complaining and the first key to changing it is to become aware of that you are doing it.

Also when you are around people who are complaining it's easy to fall into the habit of complaining together with them. The key is to either stay quiet and don't lean into the conversation or simply walk away.

Todays Challenge

Decide to not complain for 7 days straight.

No complaining verbally
No complaining in writing.....like on social media.
No complaining in your thoughts

Do this for one week and you will be amazed how much better you will feel after a complain free 7 days.

Are you ready for this challenge?
Let me know how it goes.


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