Monday, January 16, 2017

I Am Fine......But Are You Really?

                                    "The average person tells 4 lies a day or 1460 a year:
                                                 a total of 87 600 by the age of 60.
                                                       And the most common lie is:
                                                                    I'm Fine."

You hear people say it everywhere. At home, at work, at parties and on TV.
It is a very common phrase and people say it all the time.
Maybe you have even said it once or twice yourself?
I know I have said it many times.

Someone asks you how are you are doing, and you respond without hesitation......I am fine!

I am FINE.....does that express how you really feel?...... or is that something that you just have gotten used to saying because you don't want to tell the truth?

You are frustrated at work and you know that you should start looking for a new job, but instead of doing that you tell everyone....... including yourself that you are FINE?

You are deep in debt, but instead of trying to do something about are fine, and you go shopping some more.

How about your intimate relationship with your partner. You sleep in separate bedrooms and you never talk to each other......and you tell me that you are doing fine?

How about the new business you want to start but you feel like you have to wait until the kids graduate and move out of the house before you can act on your dream....... and you are fine?

How about all those extra pounds that you are carrying around year after year....and you are fine?

I don't think so!!!

But you are very smart........because if you are don't have to do anything about it.

Time to change. Start by telling yourself the truth.

I am fine.
You can lie to other people about how you feel.....but stop lying to yourself.

The things that you want in your life....... you have now convinced yourself that you cannot have them......and that you are......... FINE..... not having them.

And this is why you have stopped pushing yourself and you have given up and settled........and every time someone asks you say.............. I Am Fine!

But are you?

Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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