Monday, January 23, 2017

How to Create a More Positive Attitude

                         A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances,
                                instead of you circumstances having power over you.

Having a positive attitude is very important if you want to be successful in anything that you do in life. So one big goal for  2017 should be to create and maintain a positive attitude.

Now if you already have a positive attitude don't have to continue to read this blog.

So what is a positive attitude?
It is an attitude about optimism, enthusiasm, expectancy, growth oriented...."anything is possible" attitude.

Here are a few tips!

Know your outcome.
What are you trying to accomplish? What is your ultimate vision?
Before you take action you must know what you want and why you want it.
Decide how you are going to accomplish it and make sure that you actions will serve your greater goals and you ultimate vision.

Seek out other people who share a positive attitude.
We are like chameleons and we absorb through our skin other people's attitude, their language, beliefs and their way of talking and dressing. Make sure that you are hanging out with the people that are going somewhere in life. That are excited about the future.
Surround yourself with likeminded people. The positive thinkers and make sure you stay away from those who are excessively negative.

Get out of your comfort zone.
Doing the same old thing over and over again gets boring and even depressing. Besides you won't learn anything. Yes...staying in your comfort zone might make you feel comfortable because it is familiar, but you won't grow. To expand and grow you must get out of your comfort zone.
Try to do something every day that scares you a little. Try something new. Meet new people. Learn a new skill.
If you don't stretch yourself you will become old, slow and brittle. Just like the branches of a tree.

Take action on a daily base without any guarantees.
We all expect big results quickly when we start something new. Try instead to launch something without any guarantees of any results right away. Progress and growth takes time, persistence, focus, patience and a lot of creativity. These skill are all like a physical muscle. The more you use them, the bigger they get.
Do your best, but don't get stuck on the outcome. The joy is in the journey.
Who you become in the process of accomplishing your goals and your vision is what is the most important thing.

Develop and attitude of gratitude.
Be grateful for what you already have, while you are pursuing what you really want. Take sometime to appreciate yourself and everything that you have done, up until now.
Learn to say "Thank You" more often. Appreciate other people and compliment them often. When you compliment someone you will automatically feel better yourself.
Appreciate your family and your friends. Call them, meet with them, send them a card or buy them a gift expressing your appreciation of  them. You will be surprised how your own attitude will change.
Smile more often. I don't think that there is anyone who doesn't appreciate a smile from a stranger.
I know I do.

Laugh and be playful.
Don't take life so seriously. Play and have some fun. Do things. Get out more and learn to laugh at yourself. Start a new hobby something that will make you feel more joy and happiness. Be around animals. My dogs always make me smile and laugh. They sure can pull me out of a funk quickly.

Use obstacles and setbacks as stepping stones to greater success later.
Don't be afraid to fail. Really there is no such thing as failure. It is called feedback. You just learned a lesson and in the future you won't make the same mistake again.
Rejection won´t kill you either. Of course it will sting a little, but I guarantee you will get over it and you will live. Just get out there and try again. You will eventually get the hang of it.

I hope you will try these few simple tips on creating a more positive attitude.

A positive attitude won't allow you to do anything, but it will allow you to do everything that you do a lot better than a negative attitude will.

Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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