Friday, January 20, 2017

Don´t Wait Until You Feel Like It.....Because It Will Never Happen

                            "There is a choice you have to make, in everything you do.
                       So keep in mind that in the end, the choice you make, makes you."
                                                          - Philip B. Bliss

Do you want to change any area of your life?

Are you the kind of person that will wait until you "feel like it", before you do or change something?

To change something in our lives, we must learn to ignore how we feel, and do it anyway.

I don't feel like reading this book..... so I'll watch TV for a couple of hours.
I don't feel like going to the gym to exercise..... so I'll  go home and call a friend instead.
I don't feel like cooking tonight..... so I'll grab a hamburger on my way home from work.
I don't feel like calling my mother tonight..... so I'll update FB for a while.
I don't feel like eating this apple...... so I'll  have a candy bar instead.
I don't feel like going on a walk...... so I'll sit in front of my computer instead.

I need to get out of bed 15 minutes earlier to meditate.....but I don't feel like it right now so instead I hit the snooze button.

It doesn't matter in what area of your life that you are wanting to are never going to feel like it.
Inspiration isn't happening.
Motivation isn't happening.
It is your job to make yourself do the things that you don't want to do.

If you want something new in your life and if you want any kind of have to force yourself to get our of your comfort zone and do it.
You have to get past your feelings.

It is simple to change and to get what you want......but it isn't easy.

Do it today...whatever it is.
Don't wait until your feel like it......because it will never happen.

I will be honest with you..... I didn't feel like writing this blog.
My schedule got totally rearranged this morning and now it is late in the evening and I am stuck with writing this blog for tomorrow morning. I usually do my best writing early in the mornings because at that time my brain is more alert and awake and right now it is almost 8 pm in the evening.
But in the morning I will not have time to write this blog because I have an early morning meeting and the rest of the day is filled with activities. So if I don't write my blog tonight, it won't get gone and it needs to be published tomorrow morning.
Right now I just want to sit down and relax after a busy day.

It would have been so easy to say "I don't feel like writing this blog".
I had to get past my feelings .....and just force myself to do it.

                                         Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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