Monday, February 24, 2020

Is It Really True?

                              No matter how many people believe or don't believe in you, 
                                          you must be the ultimate believer in yourself.

Have you ever stopped yourself and thought about where your beliefs and views actually came from?

Why you believe what you believe?

Where is your belief coming from?

Is it a belief that came from you?

Or are you believing what you believe because it came from your parents? Maybe your spouse? Your boss? Co-workers? Your friends? Or society?

Where did this belief come from and why do your believe it?

Maybe it's about time to start looking at some of those old views and beliefs that you have? Are they really true?

As you try to find out why you hold these views and beliefs many of your old views will fall to pieces.

Form a clear and definite idea regarding your convictions as to why you do and to why you think as you think.
You know, most people never really never examine their views and then ask themselves …..why do I believe that?

I bet a lot of the beliefs that you are still holding onto you have inherited. They were built into you by your parents, their parents and their patents. Some of them go way back and they have been built into your genes.

Why do you continue to do the things that you really don't want to do? And why don't you do what you really want to do?
Is it because of some old belief that you have of yourself? Are they yours? If not....where did they come from?

The thoughts, views or beliefs that we repeatedly think will become fixed in our own mind and then these thoughts and beliefs are going to determine what happens in our life.

Why do you believe what you believe?
Have you ever analyzed your own thought patters and beliefs?
Why do you think what you think?

Time to start looking and examine those thought patterns or beliefs.  Do it before you allow your belief, views or thought patterns to limit you.


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