Monday, February 3, 2020

20 Nuggets of Wisdom

Today I have decided to change things up a little bit.
Instead of a BLOG post I will give you some "Nuggets of Wisdom" for you to ponder on today and hopefully for the rest of the week.

I hope you find these "Nuggets" insightful, mind opening and inspiring.

1 - No matter how much experience you  have, we all feel doubt and anxiety when we are creating new things or share ourselves in front of others.

2 - The key to create any habit, healthy or unhealthy is consistency.

3 - If you remain positive in the face of an obstacle, it will motivate action instead of submission and you will conquer the obstacle.

4 - Successful people have more than education and experience. They have great habits and great attitudes.

5 - Attitude creates the way you feel about people and situations. Your actions are a result of your attitude, which in turn creates a reaction from others.

6 - There are no short cuts to any place worth going.

7 - Never be too big to ask questions, and never know to much to learn something new.

8 - You must have an open mind to the awesome possibilities and opportunities out there.

9 - If your desk is messy, your mind may be more frantic and cluttered.

10 - In the end it's how we feel about ourselves that will provide us with increased courage and creativity.

11- Realizing how valuable we are will play a major role in our lives. Our self-worth makes a difference in being active or lazy. If we don't feel good about ourselves, we won't seek advantages and opportunities to make our lives better.

12 - Having inner resources to deal with the ups and downs of life, whether it's reliance or inner strength, will give you an advantage against stress.

13 - Life doesn't demand perfection. It simply requires that you keep showing up.

14 - Feeling anxious or nervous or afraid doesn't mean you are not "good enough" to do what you are about to do. It is usually an indication that you are doing exactly what you should be doing.

15 - Courageous patience is the willingness and the ability to stay the course in the face of uncertainty, doubt and after criticism from others.

16 - You have to take great care of yourself. Not only will you be healthier but you will be more productive and when great ideas and when opportunity comes your way, you will be ready to take advantage of the success or idea.

17 - The greatest source of unhappiness is.....self-unhappiness. The greatest source of unhappiness doesn't come from the outside, it comes from the inside.

18 - Realize when others treat you badly, it's not about you, but about their own suffering.

19 - The road less travelled is full of obstacles, steep inclines, detours and distractions. But it's the only true path to success.

20 - Your future is not determined by luck. It is determined by your willingness to make small investments consistently in the direction of your dreams.


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