Monday, February 17, 2020

Taming Your Stress

                                           "We can never obtain peace in the outer world,
                                                   until we make peace with ourselves."
                                                                  - Dalai Lama

Are you overloading yourself with responsibilities, getting busier and busier so that you don't have to feel?

Are you trying to do everything you can, so that you don't have to deal with pain?

Are you just making it through the day and through life, living in anger, blaming society, yourself and blaming everyone else?

You can continue to be busy for the rest of your life constantly trying to escape and avoid the pain....but is this starting to cause a lot of stress in your life?

Everyone has stress in their lives. Most people want to have less stress, but I believe that a lot of people would like to have less stress reaction to things that are happening in their life. They want to learn how to cope with stress, when they feel overwhelmed.

Here are a few tips!

Change your  perception of stress. 
You can continue stay busy for the rest of your life and avoid the pain. Bur avoiding the pain usually with some form of addiction will only wreck bigger havoc in your life down the road.

Heal the underlying pain so that you no longer have to stay busy trying to escape it. If you don't deal with the underlying pain you will continue to run and stay busy for the rest of your life. You must look at the wound, clean it out and heal it. Don't just put a band-aid over it, without cleaning it out.
Feel the pain..... Deal with the pain and …..Heal the pain.

Fill up your energy tank every day for your energy bank account. 
Think of your body as your energy tank. If you don't fill up your energy tank daily, you will end up having an energy overdraft. It works just like the money in your bank account. Take care of the energy overdrafts quickly before they pile up. Make sure that you don't wait for and emergency our crisis to happen before you tend to your energy overdrafts. Practice "Balance Tools" when everything is normal. Don't wait for a crisis to happen because then you are under stress you will operate less effectively and it will be harder for you to bounce back unless you have developed a practice.

Learn to set boundaries with people. 
Guard your ME-time. Tell your spouse, family, friends that this is your time and Don't Disturb. You ME-time can be anything you choose. Like exercising, meditation, yoga, reading a book, listening to a podcast, slow walk in the park or simply just sitting still and reflect. You decide the activity and for how long. Practice self-care and remember that self-care isn't selfish. It's an investment in yourself. You will show up more effectively for yourself, others and also the world, when you feel more centered, more at peace, and less reactive.

Setting boundaries is learning to say NO. If you constantly continue to say yes to others, your body will eventually say NO to you, usually in the form of some kind of illness.

Time to change the perception of time.
A lot of people feel like they are so busy and that there is never enough time.
The truth is that we all have the same amount of time per day. The difference is your attitude towards managing your time.
Is it time to change your perception of time? Maybe you must learn some new time management routines so you can learn to run the day instead of the day running you?

Mind full
or Mindful?


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