Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Do You Feel Excited About Your Goals?

                                        "Reasons come first - answers come second."
                                                             - Tony Robbins

Most people have a very vague plan or a very unclear vision of what they want in life.

Most of us want something to happen in life. Something new and exciting, but unfortunately we don't take time to actually sit down and become clear on what we really want.

What kind of change are you looking for? What will actually make you excited about your life?

Just wanting something isn't enough for taking it all the way to accomplishing a goal. We must decide on what we want, create a plan and then take action on that plan on a daily base.

A lot of people will talk about goals but very few actually set them. I believe that  it is only around 5 percent of  people that have goals in writing..... for all areas of their lives.

Sometimes we might have created some goals but the goals are so lousy that they don't get us excited and we quickly abandon them.

Is your goal that the only thing that you want in life is to pay the lousy bills?....I can understand your excitement on a Monday morning. "Yeah....I am getting out of bed today so that I can go to work and make enough money to pay the lousy bills!"

How about "I just want to lose a few pounds so that I can gain it back during the holidays because I really want to be able to eat then." Sounds really exciting!!!

Your dream and your goals will work as a giant magnet. It will pull you through anything that is going on in your life right now. The bigger and stronger that your vision and your goals are, the stronger the pull will be.

How can you create some great goals for yourself.....something that will make you hop out of bed every morning of your life (or almost every morning)?

A lot of people won't act on their goals because they have no idea how they will ever be able to do it.
If you can inspire yourself to act on your goal, the how will take care of itself.

In other words we must create important and exciting REASONS why we want to accomplish our goals.

The stronger the reasons..... the easier it will be to take the right action and stay motivated to continue until you have reached your goal(s).

First you have to decide what is that you do want? Then you must be clear about the "WHY" behind the goal(s).

Why do I want this for myself?
When you have figured out the WHY.....the How will take care of itself.

Great Tip!

Take some time to sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and write down you answers to these questions.

- Find 5 reasons why it is important that you will be able to accomplish your goals and live your dream. (Maybe you can find more than five. Write them all down).

- What are another 5 reasons that you won't give up on your dream and your goals.


What are you planning to do about your goals and your dream?

                                            Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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