Sunday, April 23, 2017

Life Is Defined By The Choices You Make

                                         "I am NOT a product of my circumstances.
                                                 I am a product of my decisions."
                                                           - Stephen Covey

At any given moment of your life you have two choices.
You can either step into growth and expansion, or you can step back into safety and status quo.

If you want to understand what you are doing on a daily base I suggest that you start paying attention to your own behavior.
Become aware of the decisions that you make in every moment of your life.

Did you follow through on your promise today to go walking or running (growth)? or did you just say "heck with it, I´ll do it tomorrow instead (back into safety)."

Did you decide to save 100 dollars per month (growth)? or did you decide to blow the money on a new pair of jeans? (safety).

The decisions that you make every day are very important.
Are you going to continue with the same old pattern that will make you remain in the comfort zone? or start to make some new decisions that will empower you and make you stretch and expand?
It is totally up to you.

Do you want to be a slave to you past or a pioneer of the future?

First you have to become aware.
Become conscious of who you are, the decisions you make, how you are presenting yourself, how you are expressing yourself and what you are actually doing.

Your destiny and your future is shaped by the decisions that you are making today.
Make sure that you are making empowering decisions that will lead to growth.

Choose wisely. Choose to step forward.


                                               Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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