Friday, December 12, 2014

Quantum Leaps

The first step to making a quantum leap is making a decision. Many times, the freedom of having so many choices stops us from choosing one.

We often find ourselves on the fence of indecision, thinking, "what should I do? what does others think I should do?" We start evaluating our abilities, becoming discouraged about the possibilities before we even commit to a certain goal, or outcome.

in my experience, a clear, specific definition of your intended direction is critical. If you do not know the destination, how will you know if you are off course? You can't reach your goal without clarity of vision.

It was clarity of purpose that helped me break the first of many records in my Mary Kay business - but my path, as so many times before, was not a straight one. I failed early and often. The I did something that changed my life. I went to a retreat and placed myself in an environment that causes change. The speakers and stories made me feel as though it was "my time." Shortly after that, I prevailed, and my dreams became a reality. Nothing had changed except the clarity of my vision. The company didn't change, the products didn't change, and my approach didn't change.
What did change was my clarity about where I was going. I became committed to making the change happen. With that decision, obstacles started to move out of my way.

To create a Quantum Leap, you have to really want it. I call it moving from the "Want To lane" to the "Got To lane." When you have chosen to take action, you have crossed into Decision Zone.

                                                      From the book Quantum Leaps by Gloria Mayfield Banks

                                           Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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