Monday, December 29, 2014

Celebrate your Progress and your Accomplishments in 2014

2015 ....will be here in a couple of days. As we leave 2014 behind, I want you to look back on this year and think of.....  and write down all the things you did.... and accomplished during this year.

So many times as we look back on the year we are leaving behind. We are so quick to point out all the things we didn't do.....what we didn't get done.

"I didn't loose the weight that I planned to loose, I didn't quit smoking, I only went to the gym for one month and then I quit, I did not leave my destructive relationship, I am still hanging out with my negative family-members.".....does this sound familiar?

How about focusing instead on all the things that YOU did do! Make a shift and start counting all the accomplishments and all the things that YOU did.... during this past year.

Get a pen and a paper and allow at least 30 minutes of undisturbed quiet-time for yourself. Start writing down all the things that you accomplished during 2014. Starting with January and work your way through the year.
I bet when you get done writing and look at your will be surprised to discover that you did more than you thought you did and that you accomplished a lot of important and wonderful things that you had already forgotten about. Overcame a lot of challenges.
As you get done with your list, and you might have to come back to it several times to add some more things. Look at this list every day and........

Celebrate YOURSELF and your Accomplishments!
Big or small, it doesn't matter...You did a great job!

Focus on what worked in 2014, all the wonderful things that you did! We are always so hard on ourselves, always pointing out all the "negative" things instead of all the great positive things. 
Celebrate 2014, you did the best you could and you are still here and you get another chance to do all over again in 2015.
Even if you messed up a little.....It's OK!
Learn form what didn't wok out and then let it go. Hopefully we have ALL grown a lot during this past year. Learned a lot of new things, some good and then some....not so good. Overcame a lot of obstacles.

Celebrate....because you are still alive and you will get another year.....and make 2015, your best year ever!

                                           Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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