Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Maybe An Obstacle Is An Opportunity To Learn Something?

                                                 "If you find a path with no obstacles,
                                                   it probably doesn't lead anywhere."
                                                             - Frank A. Clark

Are you dealing with an obstacle in your life right now?

Most of the time when these obstacles, setbacks or problems occur, we usually curse the problem or the obstacle. Wishing that it would never have happened.

When God wants to give you a gift, he wraps it up in a problem.
Could there be some truth in this?

                                                  See everything is and opportunity
                                                         to learn something new.

Maybe the obstacle that you are facing right now is an opportunity for you to learn something?

Maybe this is the lesson that you need to learn in order to grow and to move to the next level of your life?

So instead of cursing the obstacle or the problem, take a closer look at it and wonder, is there a lesson buried in this problem that I am having right now?

Be willing to examine the situation and be willing to look for the lesson.

                                              "Adversity causes some men to break;
                                                        other to break records."
                                                        - William Arthur ward

You never know it might be the exactly what you been looking for, but it arrived in a different package than you expected.

Can you turn this obstacle into an opportunity?


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