Monday, December 3, 2018

A Daily Dose Of Soul Food - 365 daily inspirations that will change your life today

                                                        "Hold fast to dreams,
                                                            for if dreams die,
                                        life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly."
                                                           - Langston Hughes

I am so excited because my third book was published last week.
The book is available to order on Amazon - worldwide.

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A Daily Dose Of Soul Food - 365 inspirations that will change your life today.

I believe that how we start our day is how we live our lives.

The way you start the day can set the tone for how the rest of the day will follow. What you choose to do with those critical hours before your workday gets underway, can have a lot to do with your success in life.

For me it started many years ago, when the only quiet time I had during the day was very early in the morning, before the rest of the household woke.

I called it ….."My POWER Hour" - the best hour of my day.

After doing third for a while, I realized that I had a lot better, more productive and more peaceful day, if I got my sixty minutes of quiet time early in the morning.

Interesting thoughts have a tendency to emerge when the rest of the world is quiet.

Fast forward to day, almost ten years later. A lot of things have changed in my life, but I still start my day off with my "Power Hour". Some days I just sip on a cup of hot tea and reflect on my life and my experiences. Some days I read a book or some short inspirational message. And some days I listen to some educational seminar or podcast on YouTube.

I seldom go a day without my "Power Hour" in the morning. If I do, I feel like something is missing.

I know that we all have busy lives and you might say, "I would like to try doing that, but I really don't have an hour to spare in the morning."

But can you maybe spare five minutes?
Can you maybe get out of bed five minutes early and invest in yourself, by doing something good for yourself?

It's like taking your vitamins in the morning. Or eating a healthy breakfast. It is great for the body.

But what about doing something that is good for your mind and your spirit?
Do you do something good in those areas?

This is exactly why I created this book.
One short inspirational and empowering message for each day of the year, to set the tone for your day.
Something for you to ponder on for the rest of the day.

Your own "Power Hour" in just a few minutes.

Do something good for your mind. Give it a great start in the morning.

I hope you will pick up your copy of A Daily Dose Of Soul Food.
This book is great gift for someone or a great Christmas present.

Order your copy today on Amazon. 
Available worldwide.


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