Friday, March 24, 2017

How To Create A Plan That Will Improve Your Life

                                           "Setting goals is the first step in turning
                                                     the invisible into the visible."
                                                              - Tony Robbins

Anytime you want to you can improve your life.

The starting point of any change and improvement of your life starts with setting a few goals.

Practice "Back from the Future" thinking.
Project forward to the end of the next twelve months and then ask yourself,  "If everything  happened the way I want it to happen, what would my life look like in one year?"

Have the ability to visualize the future in advance and it will assist you in making your plan into a reality.

Here is a goal setting exercise that will help you accomplish your dream.

Step one. Decide exactly what you want in each area of your life. Clarity is the most important single quality of  goals-setting. "You can't hit a target that you can't see." Always be specific. If you want to earn more money.....decide how much and be specific about the time. How long will it take for you to earn this money.

Step two. Always put your goals in writing. Only 3% of Americans or adults have written goals. Most people make huge plans when it comes to their vacation but they forget to plan their own lives. One important key to success is to "think on paper."

Step Three. Set a deadline for when you want to have your goals accomplished. A deadline will let your subconscious mind know that you are serious and it will force you toward your goal and at the same time it moves your goal closer to you.

Step four. Make a list of everything you could possible do to be able to achieve your goal.

Step five. Take the list above and organize it by priority and importance. Decide on what you will do first and what you can do later. Decide on what is most important to you and then start moving towards that goal.

Step six. Take action. Nothing happens until you move. This step is where a lot of people procrastinate. Most people have great ideas.....but they fail on acting on them. Taking action is a must to be able to accomplish your dream.

Step seven. Do something every single day that will move you towards your major goal.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

                                                 Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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