Friday, June 3, 2016

How to Create a New You!

                                              If you are brave enough to say "good bye"
                                                life will reward you with a new "hello"
                                                                  - Paulo Coelho

When you are trying to create a new doesn´t matter if it's trying to loose weight, stop drinking, getting out of debt, stop gambling or slow down with the shopping.
It is important that you leave the old YOU behind.

Leave the old habits behind.

Leave the old disciplines or lack of disciplines behind.

Leave the old friends behind (at least for a while to make sure they don´t pull you back into your old habits)

Leave the old way of thinking behind.

Leave the old way of being behind.

When we are trying to change something in our lives we must trade the old ways of living for some new ways.

You can´t take the old YOU with you when you are trying to accomplish something new in your life.

The old habits will not work when you are trying to accomplish some new goals.
You must create a few new habits.

Habits are hard to change. Some of you habits might have been part of your life for 20, 30, 40 or even more years.

To become a new and different person requires you to step out of your comfort zone.
You must learn to do a few new things. Create new habits and also a new way of being.

Only you can make it happen. You are responsible for the change. No on will do it for you.

People around you will get scared when you start to change.
They will be afraid that you might not have time for them anymore.
Maybe you won´t have time to sit around anymore and talk about nothing.
They are afraid that you might leave them.

The old is easy and familiar and the new is scary and uncomfortable.

Set a goal that will make you expand and grow.
It is not what you are getting when you are trying to reach your goal. It is who you are becoming in the process that truly matters.

So go for it!

All you need is a vision and then the will to make it happen.

Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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