Monday, June 20, 2016

Are You Trying to Solve a Problem With Addiction?

                      "Addiction is a secondary problem that comes out of a primary problem.
                               So when we put all the emphasis on the secondary problem
                                       but don´t pay any attention to the primary one,
                                                then how can we possible succeed?"

What do you think about when you see or hear the word addiction?

A person smoking, drinking, doing drugs, gambling, overeating or shopping to much?

Did you know that the addiction isn´t the real problem?

Addiction is actually a way that a person is trying to solve a problem.

People try to solve a problem with addiction but in trying to do so they are creating an even bigger problem.

Addiction is a distraction
A distraction for not wanting to be yourself for a while. .
People are so uncomfortable with themselves and through distracting themselves for a while they don´t have to be themselves, or to think about what is going on in their lives.
An escape or a way to self-sooth.

No one is born an addict.
Addiction goes back to suffering and the suffering usually goes back to early childhood.
Addiction reflects some childhood distress and that is why people self- sooth.
People are finding relief in the addiction.

What is addiction?

Any behavior you create that gives you some type of relief or pleasure and that also have negative consequences.
It´s a behavior that you continue to do despite the negative consequences in your life.

Addiction can be either substance abuse or an addictive behavior.

What are some addictive behaviors....
working too much, overeating, gambling, too much shopping, sex, web surfing, too much TV, compulsive texting, sexting, twittering, Face booking or constantly being on the cell phone with people.

There are things that are healthy for you but they can turn into something unhealthy if you do it as an escape or distraction.
Physical exercise, yoga, religion or spirituality are a few examples.

Why do people get addicted?
Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, shopping, sex or gambling is not addictive in itself.......or we would all be addicted.

Relief form their suffering. When we suffer too much to be ourselves we want to disconnect through some form of self- soothing behavior or substance.

The first step in healing any addiction is to recognize that we have a problem.

When we reconnect with ourselves we will be able to get rid of the addictive behavior

Be compassionate with yourself.

Be curious .... learn as much as you can.

Learn how you got there. People are usually acting out what happened to them.

Get clear on what happened in the past with your parents, siblings, friends or teachers.
Understand that these people might have hurt you but that they didn´t do it deliberately. They gave you all that they had to give. If they would have had more they would have given it to you.
They did the best that they could with what their parents had taught and given to them.

Awareness and  understanding.
When you understand.... you forgive. It happens automatically.

Find supportive environments. It is hard to do this on your own.
Support groups.
Find people who understand you and what you and going through. People who you can trust and seek their support when you are stressed.
Create some structure in your life.

Addiction is about soothing threats.
That is why when we are more stressed we will go for addiction,
In recovery and self connecting with self we must find functional ways in dealing with stress...because stress is going to happen and it is all around us.

Check your level of stress around you.
The more stressed you are - the more likely you will be to reach for some kind of addiction.
How many stresses are you taking on right now?

The more you stress people - the more they cling to their addiction.

Figure out what is triggering you.
Look at the issue of what is making you addicted in the first place.

When you have recognized you have a problem - try to stay away from stimuli.

If you like to shop - then make a conscious effort to stay away from going to stores or looking on-line.
If you have problem with alcohol - stay away from parties and stay away from friends that will pull you back into drinking.

When you are getting triggered - make a habit of telling someone.
Call a trusted friend and tell them about what is going on, instead of hiding it.

When you bring it into the light or in the open  - you will help diminish it.
When you keep something in the dark it will continue to grow and wreck havoc in your life.

                                            Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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