Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Why Having a Vision for Your Life is so Important

                   "The Worst thing than being blind is having sight but no vision"
                                                                                      - Helen Keller

There is a lot of talk about having a vision or goals for your life. When I was younger I didn't think much about having goals or a vision for my own life. I had some ideas what I wanted to do but I never sat down and actually thought about it or wrote it down. I allow things to just happen or even worse, I allowed other people to plan my life for me......Big Mistake!

It's like Jim Rohn says, "If you allow people to plan your life for you...guess what they have planned ......NOT MUCH!"

Now I am so clear about my vision and my goals in life, and I could not imagine, not having a vision and written goals for my life. So what changed in my life?

In 2012 the life that I knew totally collapsed around me. I had been in an abusive relationship for years (narcissistic abuse). But most of us are very scared of change so we remain in the same situation....on some level we feel safe. We know what is coming.......(for me it was more abuse), it feels familiar to us. We learn to become functional in the dysfunction.
Change sometimes feels worse than death. At least when we are in a toxic relationship we know what is coming....more toxicity. But changing is even scarier because we have to face the unknown... and that makes most of us very uncomfortable.

When the fear of remaining the same get scarier than changing.....we are ready to make a move.

This is exactly what happened to me in 2012.

The abuse had gotten so bad that I could no longer ignore it or live with it. I had to make a change. So I did.

To get away from my situation I had to move all the way to Sweden. I was born and raised there but I had spent the last 25 years in The US. But I knew that my best support system was going to be back in Sweden and I desperately needed some peace and quiet to heal.

So I flew back to Sweden with 2 dogs and 2 suitcases!!! My life of 25 years.

Now...... I know this sounds pitiful......but I am not writing this blog..... to sound pitiful. It is going to be about something valuable that I learned when I came back to Sweden

Create a Vision for your OWN life.
Don't allow anyone else to create it for you. That is exactly what I did. After a couple of months in Sweden I just knew that I was not going to stay there. But what was I going to do?????

I was going to go back to Houston, TX where I had lived for almost 25 years and I was also going to go back to school to become a certified Life Coach. I wanted to help people to take charge of their lives and if their lives had crashed I wanted to show then how they could bounce back quickly after life knocked them down. I wanted to help them understand the importance of being the............
STAR in their OWN MOVIE!

So I created this big vision for myself

- Going to be back in the US about a year after I landed in Sweden

- Going to become a Certified Life Coach

Why am I telling you all of this.....I  know the biggest help and tool in my recovery from the "Breakdown" in my life..... was to Create a Compelling Future for myself.

It was so powerful and exciting that it pulled me out of my funk and feeling sorry for myself. As soon as I had decided on my own my vision.... I went to work on it, immediately
Every day, I worked on it. If I wasn't working on it ...I was thinking about it. It almost became an obsession I knew if I was going to be able to return to The US I had to become strong both mentally and physically, and also develop a bigger COURAGE - Muscle.

I worked on it 7 days a week. The funny thing happened ...... it wasn't that hard to commit to, because I was so excited about my new vision. I was going to be the hero of my own journey.....I was going to plan my own life.

Of course it was a lot of work but it was well worth it. I was excited and I took actions every day towards my goals. My vision was like a magnet it pulled my towards it. I was excited every day. I had committed to doing this.

Did I have the whole game plan before I started...No. I did not know the whole plan....not even half the plan. But as I moved along people showed up in my life, to assist me. Ideas came out of nowhere .Why?...Because I had made a decision....created a vision .....and I was taking massive action towards creating my new life.

I did return to The US 1 year and 15 days after that I had came to Sweden.
I started Life Coaching school, on-line and became certified 1 year later.

Today I am helping people understand the importance of setting goals/creating a vision for their life.And not to allow someone else to do it for them. Never live someone else's dream.

And if you are faced with your life falling apart..... instead of getting stuck, there are a lot of tools and techniques that can guide you, to get unstuck and back on track quickly.

If I can do it.....I KNOW YOU CAN!!!!

This is not a dress rehearsal....this is it!!!

So you might as well make the most of it!!!!!

Check Out this Short Video!

Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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