Friday, March 6, 2015

Are you Walking Around Wearing Outdated Labels?

Are you walking around wearing outdated labels?

What do I mean by that?

A lot of times we allow other people to put labels on us. Maybe something a teacher said to you at school. Sometimes a parent or sibling wasn't supportive and said unkind things to you. Friends told you that you could not accomplish your goals and let you know that you were too old to start over again. A lot of those people didn't mean to be unkind and most of the time they just didn't know better.

Don't allow how anybody treated you or what anybody said to you to put you into a disadvantage.
If you do ....... soon enough you will walk around with limiting labels like;

- I are not smart enough

- I am too old to go back to school and get an education.

- I come from a dysfunctional family so I am not worthy of love and respect.

- No one ever listen to me. I have nothing to offer the world.

- I am such a "loser"

- I have been this way too long. I can't change now

It's like the canned section in the grocery stores. Some cans are perfect on the outside. Some have dents in them. Just because a can is dented on the outside, doesn't mean that the content on the inside is damaged. When you open up a dented can, there is nothing wrong with the content.

Same thing happens with us. Often we walk around feeling like something is wrong with us. We are wearing the wrong labels. The "damaged goods labels". Just because we have gone  through some challenging things in our lives, doesn't mean that we are "damaged goods."

Isn't it time for you to take of those outdated and limiting labels and replace them with some new and updated ones?
Shake off the self pity and go to work in creating some new "Empowering Labels" for yourself.

Stop focusing on what people have said about you. Don't focus on the mess. It is time to make a shift and to start focusing on what is possible for you right now?

Create a new Vision for your life.

Don't let the past stop you from living a happy and fulfilling life. Create a compelling future of all the things you will do.

Stop dwelling on the past and all the bad past experiences. As long as you are living in the past you won't be able to create a new future for yourself.

Negative voices will always play louder. Learn to control your thoughts. Start playing more empowering positive thoughts. Don't believe every thought that comes through you head. Change out the tapes.

All of us have flaws and weaknesses. We feel broken.
But instead of feeling broken, put your pieces together and create a more empowering and stronger version of you. You will feel better and wiser for it.

We have all been dented on the outside.... but the inside is still beautiful.

Now, get out there and start living your BEST LIFE EVER!

                                              Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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