Monday, April 13, 2020

You Have The Right To Be You

                                          When you stop trying to change others
                                               and work on changing yourself,
                                             your world changes for the better.

You have the right to be you..... but at the same time you must also allow others to be who they are.

Thinking everyone should be like us is one of our biggest problems in relationships and it causes a lot of wrong thinking and wrong attitudes that are damaging to healthy and fulfilling marriages, friendships and work relationships.

Do you think you are the perfect standard of what you think people should be and act like?

Are you having trouble getting along with others, especially if they don't think and act like you do?

Do you have the confidence to be who you were created to be, or do you feel like you have to apologize for how you see things and what you like and dislike?

Do you give the same freedom to others? Do you allow them to be who they were created to be or do you try to change people, they way they think and what they do?

All of us are very different and we must learn to accept that not everyone is the same.

If everyone were the same, liked the same things and did the same things, can you imagine how boring life would be.
We are created differently for a reason, and sometimes we might not understand why some people were created in a certain way, but we have to learn to accept people the way they are, without thinking that something is wrong with them, because they don't fit into our idea of normal.

What is normal anyway?

Normal to you..... might not be normal to me. Does it mean that you are wrong and I am right. Of course not. We are just created differently. We think differently and we act differently.

What if all people looked alike, behaved the same way and had the same temperament.
What about if all dogs and cats look the same. All the flowers and trees were the same. What if we lived in the same looking houses, drove the same kind of car, dressed alike and we all did the same activities and hobbies. Would you be bored?

Learn to appreciate the variety this world has to offer. Differences makes life interesting and it gives us the opportunity to learn, expand  and grow.

How many people have we shut out of our life, criticized and made to feel inferior simply because they didn't fit our standard of what we believe is normal?
More than we probably want to admit.

Of course we connect more with some people that we do with others and we don't want to be best friends with all people. But it doesn't give us the right to judge, criticize them and make them feel inferior and insignificant.


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