Monday, April 6, 2020

The Connection Between The Mind And The Mouth

                                                         "The words you speak
                                                    become the house you live in."
                                                                   - Hafiz

Do you pay attention to the words that come of your mouth?

Do you speak words that will inspire, empower, uplift and bring joy to yourself and others?

Or do you speak negative words? Words of doom and gloom, gossip, judgmental or critical words?

Think before you speak.
I am sure you have been taught this by your parents when you were a kid.

But do we think before we speak?
The truth is that we don't have to say everything that comes to our mind.

If we don't pay attention to what comes out of our mouth, especially when we are angry, disappointed or hurt, we can seriously hurt and damage our relationships with others with our own words.
Once we have spoken the words it will be difficult to take them back, no matter how many times we apologize for using the wrong words and saying things we should have kept to ourselves.

It's difficult to control our mouth unless we learn to control our minds. A word is a thought revealed. What is in the mind will come out of the mouth.

If we think about something frequently, we will eventually say it. In an unguarded moment we might blurt it out and cause some serious damage to someone else.

If we constantly think angry thoughts and speak angry words, we will eventually feel angry and might even display angry behavior towards others or even ourselves.

On the other hand if wee think and speak words of kindness, joy and love, we will also feel and display these words in the form of kindness and love towards others and ourselves.

When we determine that words have power, we will become more aware and more careful how we use them.

What we think and what we say out load will influence our own destiny.

                                      "What comes out of your mouth is determined
                                                  by what goes into your mind."
                                                            - Zig Ziglar

Words have great influence. They reveal what is in your mind.
Words can hurt or heal.
Words can encourage someone to keep going or give up.
Words can build people up or tear them down.
Words can put a smile on someone's face or make them cry.
Words can bring comfort.
Words can bring love or hate.
Keep your word to others
Sometimes we have to eat our own words and deal with the consequences.


Fill your mind will good things. 
If you constantly think good, empowering and thoughts of love, there will be no room left for bad thoughts to enter your mind.

Use your words wisely. 
Learn to discipline your mind and what comes out of your mouth. Pay attention to your thoughts and your words or you can easily fall back into the bad habit again. 

Break the habit by thinking and speaking of what you want and who you want to become. 
Never what you cannot be or what will never happen.

What you constantly meditate and dwell upon, good or bad, will influence your destiny.


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