Monday, January 14, 2019

Keep On Learning

                                                               "Never stop learning,
                                                     because life never stops teaching."

I knew this woman once that had a living room filled with bookshelves and all the bookshelves were filled with books.
Almost all books were about nutrition, health, diets and how to have a better life. I was impressed by her library.

I was thinking to myself the first time I met her ……."WOW, this woman must really be a very healthy and nutritious person. She must really live a perfect lifestyle when it comes to being healthy and in shape."

Not so, quite the opposite. She wasn't in good shape at all. And her lifestyle wasn't anything to brag about.

So I finally asked her, "Have you read all of these books?" and her answer was "NO."

"Have you read most of them?" was my next question.
Again her answer was "NO. But I have looked through them a little when I bought them."

And then she told me that she loved to buy books and that she wanted to get in better shape and live a healthier life. But that was a far as she gotten.

In other words her self-help books had become shelf-help books.

You know, the books that you don't read will never help you.
You won't getter better and improve just by buying the books. You you actually have to take the time to read them. And them on top of that you must also implement some of the ideas in the book if you want to grow, learn and expand in life.

I love to buy books too. And I have to admit that I haven't read all the my books that I have bought.
But I have a goal to read a book per week and most of the weeks I am accomplishing this goal.

You never know what kind of ideas you can find hidden in all these books. Be willing to read and look for them.
You never know when you will find the information and the next idea, that will totally change your life.
Be willing to set some time aside to further your own education.
There are books about every topics that you can think of. Be willing to do the work. Read the books.

You know, the majority of people don't ever make it past the first chapter. Don't let that be you.

Reading one book per week will require you to read about 40-50 pages per day. I think it's a great goal to have for 2019.
Read more. And I am talking about..... non-fiction books.

Do yourself a huge favor this year and work on improving yourself and your own mind. At this time next year, you will be glad that you did.
Our education never stops. But once you leave school, it's up to you to keep your education going. No one can make you do it.
It's easy to do.....and easy not to do.

So today I want to challenge you to get that book out that you have been wanting to read for a long time. Take time to actually read it. Cover to cover.
Learn something new and then implement it in your life.


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