Monday, January 7, 2019

Invest In Yourself, Or No One Else Will

                                                 "Investing in yourself is the best investment
                                                                   you will ever make.
                                                        It will not only improve your life, 
                                            it will improve the lives of all those around you."
                                                                    - Robin S. Sharma

It's  sad but true that the majority of  people don't spend time on personal development.
They spend time on developing other skills but most of the time they don't even spend 10 minutes to help and develop themselves. Maybe it's more like one minute per day, if even that.

If we want to live a happy and fulfilling life we must put a little more effort into it.
Learn to exercise your mind on a daily base. Either by reading something or by listening to something educational, empowering and uplifting. Something that will strengthen our mind.

You know, our environment is a lot of times tearing us down. And sometimes the people that we have to be around can be negative and sometimes toxic. So in order to withstand the pressure of the negativity that we are being bombarded with on a daily base it's important that we take some time to work on ourselves and to strengthen our own mind.

We must constantly also work on our own thoughts and feelings. Little by little every day will in the end make a huge difference. But we have to start somewhere. Why not start today, right where you are. No more excuses. Today is the perfect day to start making a change in your life.

Make yourself the most important person right now and decide that you are going to work on yourself for a few minutes per day, every day.
Decide that you are going to do the work.

This is why I wrote my latest book.....
A Daily Dose of Soul Food - 365 inspirations that will change your life today.
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If you only have a few minutes to spare to start making a change in your life, I suggest that you pick up my book today.

In this book you will find inspiration, strength and comfort in the special messages and it will give you the impetus to keep moving forward on your path.

Invest in yourself, or no one else will.


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