Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Break Free From A Painful Past

                                         Let go of the past, let go of the painful memories.
                                                    Don't miss your chance of creating 
                                                     beautiful memories for tomorrow.

Why do a lot of us have a tendency to hold on to the past?

Why do we allow painful experiences not only to influence us but also to control our future?

What would life look like if we were able to make peace with those painful experiences and let them go?

Isn't it time to shed some of those old stories that are weighing us down and often wreck havoc in our lives?

Isn't it time to let go?

                                                       "Pain is inevitable.
                                                     Suffering is optional."
                                                       M. Kathleen Casey

So take some time to ponder on these questions...……

What would my life look like if I let go of the old stories and the pain from my past? 

What would happen if I let go of things that has been holding me back for years, maybe even decades?

What would happen if I believe that what is in front of me is bigger and better than what is behind me?

The painful memories from the past will continue to have power over us, if you are not able to let it go. 
We will stay attached to the pain with energetic chords.
And sometimes those painful experiences might even become part of our identity.

Are you living in a story of pain and suffering?

Is it time to break free from the past so that you can have a beautiful life?

                                        Pain makes you stronger, tears make you braver
                                                   and heartbreak makes you wiser,
                                                 so thank the past for a better future.


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