Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Your Time Is Limited, So Don't Waste It

                                        "It has been my observation that most people
                                             get ahead during the time others waste."
                                                              - Henry Ford

To be productive you must learn to control interruptions.

The biggest interruption today is the phone.

Most people can not resist answering a ringing phone, text message or email.

The phone is an essential part of our lives and we look upon the phone as a social tool.

It's something that we look forward to because we associate it with fun and we also remember back when we were young...... we associated a phone call with romance because we got calls from our boyfriend/girlfriend.

As adults we have to change our thinking and especially during our working hours.
If you are in the middle of doing something important and you get interrupted by a phone call, text or email and you stop working and answer the call, text or email, it can take you as long as 25 minutes to be able to get back to concentrating on what you were doing before you answered the call.

And if the phone call was about something upsetting or negative you might not be able to let go off it at all during the day. Your mind will constantly go back to what was said during the phone call.

Learn to control interruptions. Don't be a slave to your phone. If it's important people will call back or even better call them back at the end of your day when you are through working on your project. That way they won't interrupt your concentration and your flow and you can control the time.

Most people are time wasters. The majority of people have no goals. They have no priorities, no plans and they have no concern about becoming successful and they think that you are the same.

They think that because their time isn't worth anything, therefore they don't think that your time is worth anything either.

Your time is limited, so don't waste it.

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