Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Magic Word

                                       "It's only by saying "NO" that you can concentrate
                                                on the things that are really important."
                                                                 - Steve Jobs

In time management there is one magic word.

The word is NO.

Learn to say NO to activities, tasks, responsibilities, obligations that do not contribute to the most important goals that you set for yourself.

NO is really a magic word and the place and the time to use this word is early in a conversation and often.

It's simply amazing how much of  our time is taken up by people that are asking you to do things..... and you do these things out of a sense of obligation.

Unfortunately most people don't value their own time so they don't value yours.

How can we deal with a person that we normally like and respect when they ask us to do something?

When someone asks you to do something, take on a project or to be on a committee.....simply say..... let me think about it, and I'll get back to you.

If someone is pressing you for a decision.....simply explain to them that you cannot make a decision right now and that you have to think about it.

After you thought about if for 24 hours, call them back and tell them that you thought about it and that you simply don't have the time, but you thank them for thinking of you.

                                              "Learn to say "NO" to the good,
                                                 so you say "YES to the best."
                                                           - John Maxwell

Just say NO.

In time management the word NO is one of the most powerful words there is.

It will save you hours, days, weeks and months of working on projects that contributes nothing to your goals.

When you are saying YES to others, make sure that you are not saying NO to yourself.


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