Friday, November 25, 2016

Create Some Space In Your Life

                                                    "It is nice finding that place
                                               where you can just go and relax."
                                                                - Moises Arias

A lot of people fill their lives with endless activities.

And sometimes we might even schedule some sleep into our busy schedule.

If we continue to live like this it won´t allow for any creativity and magic time to enter our lives.
We will be too tired to notice it.

But in order to be successful we must learn to create a little space once in a while in our packed schedules.

If we create a little more space in our lives, we will be able to connect to something bigger than ourselves and that will allow for some creative energy to flow through us.

We can create more space in our lives by meditating, yoga, listening to some soft music, sitting still in nature, going for a slow walk or scheduling some quiet time where we simply just do nothing for a period of time.

Being able to create some space in our busy schedules is a huge element for success because it will allow us to have easier access to our creativity and also our inner guidance.

Have you ever tried to solve a problem and no matter how much you tried to analyze it or tried to solve it... you were not able to come up with a solution?

So instead you decided to go for a walk or maybe you decided to just take a break and go out in your garden or nature and all of a sudden you came up with a solution to your problem.

You just created some space between you and the problem and you allowed some creativity and inner guidance to come to you.

Create some space, magic or quiet time on a daily base.

                                        Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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