Friday, September 30, 2016

Where Do You Fill Up?

Make time for yourself.

Where do you go when your gas tank in your car is almost empty?
To the gas station of course.

Let me ask you another question......where do you go when your own energy tank is almost empty?
In other words where do you fill up with mental energy?

Do you go for easy and quick fill-ups like chocolate, cookies, chips, soda, coffee from Starbucks when you are feeling that you are running on empty and having no energy left?

Unfortunately these quick fill-ups will leave us feeling more empty than before we filled up.

Or are you frequently jumping into new relationships because of the way they make you feel. Filled with energy and passion in the beginning but after a while the relationship will make you feel even more empty than it did before you entered it.

Or do you spend the evenings on your sofa watching meaningless TV in hopes that you will get some inspiration and energy from watching other peoples´ drama and craziness?

How about alcohol, shopping or gambling. Yes it is fun for a while and you get some escape from the daily grind. These activities will give you a little boost of energy while your are doing them but how does it make you feel afterwards when you wake up with a hangover, or you know you spend way too much money on clothes that you didn´t need, or maybe you gambled away all your savings for an evening of fun in Vegas?

Unfortunately all of the above will not fill us up for a very long time. We will get hungry and feeling empty quickly and a lot of times we will return for more.

How about trying to find something that will fill you up in the long run. Something that won´t give just a lot of empty calories?

Create empowering and meaningful relationships.

Find a job that will make you feel like you are growing and that you are contributing something.

Learn some new skills. Develop yourself as a person.

Start a new hobby or two. Learn something new. Get out of your comfort won´t kill you.

Start journaling, meditating, yoga or praying.

Get out and meet new people. Start volunteering.

Spend time in nature.

Pick an exercise that you like to do.

Spend time with people that will lift you up - not the ones that will complain, gossip and dump their drama onto you.

I know for myself I fill up my own tank by writing this blog.
I enjoy my coaching is so much fun to learn and to grow and to help other people do the same.

I constantly learn new things by listening to seminars on line, reading books and attending live events.

I also have to spend time in nature. It is a must for me. I walk with my two dogs almost every morning. It is one of the best way to recharge my batteries. My two girls Nikki and Lady are such a energy source. The make me smile and laugh every day.

I spend time with positive uplifting people that want to learn and grow themselves.

I pay close attention to what I eat and drink. I used to be hooked on Diet Coke for  many years but I don´t drink sodas anymore. I watch what I eat and I try to be as healthy as I can when it comes to my food. I still have a problem with sugar. It is my to go to drug of choice when I feel lonely and disconnected but I am trying to replace that habit with something more empowering and exercising, reading and listening to motivational  and educational information and videos on-line.

Where Do You Fill Up?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

                                        Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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