Friday, July 22, 2016

Why a Small Improvement Performed Every Day Will Produce Success

                       Sometimes our work feels small and insignificant, but remember
              a small ripple can gain momentum and build a current that is insurmountable.

Constantly improving different areas in your life such as .....your relationships, your finances, your health and fitness will make you feel happy and fulfilled

A lot of times we will feel frustrated when we don´t grow and learn new things.
When we don´t get challenged in our lives.

Growth comes from improvement. Constant never ending improvement.

We can grow in any area of our life by doing a little more every day. The next day a little more.
It doesn´t have to be huge things. Small thing will be just fine but just make sure you do just a little more each and every day.

Little by little a little becomes a lot.

Raise your standards. What you accept from yourself and also from others.

Make sure that you are consistent.

Build momentum.

Today make a commitment to yourself to never ending improvement.

A commitment of a small improvement every day will produce a massive success.

I know that most people hate repetition. But if you are going to master anything in your life you must be willing to do the boring thing every single day and also find a way to improve on it.
(Compounding effect)

Are you going to raise your standards?

What are you willing to start doing today on a daily base that will improve your life?

How can you improve on it once you get started?

Success doesn´t happen by accident. It will take consistent practice. And since you have committed yourself to certain activities on a daily base, it will help you in reach your goals.

We are only going to feel good about ourselves, long-term if we constantly increase the quality of our lives.

Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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