Monday, February 2, 2015

Feeling Stressed Out? Try EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

After leaving a narcissistic abusive relationship almost 3 years ago, I have been suffering from PTSD. Panic attacks and anxiety were my 2 constant companions every day and night for over 2 years. I was using a lot of different techniques to deal with the stress and trauma and today I want to talk about something that has been very helpful in my recovery from PTSD and my narcissistic abuse.
It is called EFT or Tapping.

EFT or Tapping (acu-tapping, meridian tapping, EP=energy psychology, or TTT=trauma tapping technique) is an individual tool for increasing your EQ (emotional intelligence), and is great for personal growth, self-help, pain-removal and improved health. It is a wonderful spiritual help, adding peace and joy to your life, on the deepest levels.

EFT is a fantastic do-it-yourself method. EFT is especially well-known for its effective anxiety, fear & stress removal. EFT is also used to quickly reduce pain, both physical and emotional pain.

Why does Tapping work?

When you are tapping, what you are actually doing is creating an interruption in the mind-body communication system. There is a feedback loop between the body and mind. When you tap on the meridians, the channels of communication between the body and mind is creating a disruption in that communication. You are creating a relaxation in the body, shifting perception at the same time.

So why does Tapping work? Your mind and body work together as one. Whatever you think... your body follows. When you begin to think about your memory, you drift into a state where you feel as if you are re-experience the experience, as if you were there again. This is called a trance or hypnotic state of mind. When you tap, what you are aiming at is not the expression (disruption), but the cause, which in the state of mind or trance.

"If you can change your perception and how you see things then you can change your whole life."
                                                                                                          - Robert G. Smith

Where does your value come from?

Self-Esteem is the inner self. Inner self is all the memories about yourself, including every experience you've had with people. It's important to know, how you feel good. Those who let go of the bad feelings are happier and live longer.
What you hold within you must change in order to have a higher self-esteem. Your current emotional situation is a product of your memories.

Can you control what pops in your mind? You can't control what comes in at any moment, but you can control, how to react to it. If you clear what you hold within you, then what pops in will be different. It's really what you have in your mind, not what you put in your mind. If you don't change what you hold in your mind, you'll get what you already are.

You have shelves of memories, pains and hurts, all full of what you don't want. Your situation is based on what you planted. To get what you want, empty out you cupboards. Make peace with what you don't want. Clean out and make room for what you want and you become it

It's really about coping skills that you use in your daily life.
Drinking, smoking, over-eating, excess shopping are also examples of coping skills that will make you feel better as you use them, but they will create other problems along the way.

You can find information on YouTube on how to do Tapping.

If you live in Houston- Area...You might want to attend The Woodlands EFT Tappers.
They meet every Wednesday at The Forum (Senior Center) 5055 West Panther Creek Dr. The Woodlands, TX. Between 9.30-11.00 a.m.
Their website is

                                        Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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