Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How Do You Become A Great Problem Solver?

                                           "Whether you think you can or can't
                                                    you're probably right."
                                                        - Henry Ford

How do you become a great problem solver?
You focus on the solution(s) rather then the problem. 

The majority of people continue to focus on the problem.
The spend all their energy thinking about the problem, talking about the problem and staying awake at night, worrying about the problem.

Instead of focusing on the problem, you think intensely about solutions, all the time.

What is that the average person think about when a problem arises?
Who did it?.....and who's to blame?
They are focused on the past and on the problem.

But the thing is that you cannot change a past even. The problem has already occurred, so now it's reality and the only question is....what can you do about it? How do you solve it? What is your next action?

When you constantly think in terms of solutions you will become more creative. You will become smarter and brighter and you will become better and better at solving problems in the future.

And when you are solving problems and discussing different choices and alternatives, you become more positive, powerful and influential. 

So think about solutions instead of blame.

When you think about blame it shuts down your brain.
Your creativity gets shut down. It makes you negative. It makes you angry and it makes you a negative influence on others.

So think about solutions.

What is the biggest problem that you are facing right your life?
Identify the problem, then ask.....what is the solution?

What are all the possible solutions to this problem?

The more solutions that you can think of, the more likely you are to come up with a great one.

Unfortunately most people are passive. They have a problem and they accept it.

Pro-active people identify the problem that is causing them unhappiness and frustration and then they figure out a way to solve the problem.

They ask other people, the do research online, they read books and they try different things.

Be a great problem solver by focusing on solutions instead of focusing on the problem. 


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