Monday, October 9, 2017

Turn Your Fear Into Excitement

                                                                If it scares you,
                                                      it might be a good thing to do

Are you afraid of public speaking?

I know I am.

Yesterday I had to face that fear and just do it anyway.

I was doing a presentation....."The Perfect Storm" based on my book and my own life.

It wasn't a large presentation. Around 40 people and the presentation lasted about 45 minutes.

Was a scared? Yes.....I was.
But after I got started and I had spoken for a few minutes the fear went away and was really enjoying it.
After I was through with the presentation I realized that I want to do this more often.

Often we let this feeling or sensation of fear stop us from trying new things.
It will often prevent us from getting out of our comfort zone so we can grow and expand.
Most of us hate feeling awkward and that we might not be in control.

I told myself "I am going to die if I don't do good during this presentation?"
And of course the answer was NO.
Yes..... things can go wrong but if you prepare as much as possible ....things can also go right.

But I know that this feeling that you do have when you are going to do something new....the feeling that we usually call it possible that it can be something totally different?

What would happen if we look at fear with a new perspective?

What would happen if we turned the belief that we are afraid into something completely different?

Maybe it is excitement that we are feeling instead of fear???

The feeling of fear and the feeling of excitement are very similar to each other.

Can you imagine if we tell ourselves before we are going to do something new....that we are excited instead of fearful?
Do you think that we will perform better? I believe we will.

This is exactly what I told myself yesterday when I was feeling that sensation of  nervousness and fear. I knew I was excited and I had been looking forward to doing this presentation for a month.
I was actually ready to go.
And the sensation I was feeling was excitement instead of fear.

Next time you are trying something new and you are getting that "uncomfortable" feeling inside.....tell yourself that you are feeling excited..... and that you are ready to go.


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