Monday, May 9, 2016

Are You Acting On Your New Ideas?

                                                  "Ideas have a short shelf time.
                                      You must act on them before they expire."
                                                        - John C. Maxwell

You have life changing ideas.
All day long you have ideas that can change your life, change your career, your relationships and they can change the world.
The new ideas can change the way you feel.

What do you do with theses ideas?
Probably NOTHING!

If and when an idea enters your mind - and it happens all the time.
Then the idea is likely good for you.

But we often feel that we can´t act on an idea, if it is far beyond our picture in our own mind of what we can do with the idea.
We usually look for a reason why we can´t do it.

Ignore it.
Your old conditioning is just messing with you and it is trying to reject the new idea.
Instead you must...... Go for it.
You might just get one shot at that new idea. Take it!

Next time an idea enters your mind......ask yourself.....
Is this new idea going to take me from where I am today and move me in the direction of the star that I am shooting at?
In other words......... Will this new idea make me reach my goals?

Try to never dismiss a new ideas. The new idea can be a life changer for you.
Instead take a few minutes to think about it. Stop and do some creative thinking.
Try to figure out if this new idea will improve your life.
A lot of times we are only one great idea away from success in our lives.

Just remember....... when a great new idea enters your mind, write it down immediately.
Don´t trust your brain to remember it.
Always write it down.

Then of course you must act on the idea.
Without action it will remain .....Just another great idea, that you didn´t act on.

Take Action!

                                             Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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