Monday, January 4, 2016

Try....Until You Get There

                                                              Happy New Year

Have you created your vision for 2016?

Most of the time it isn´t that difficult to create a vision and then set some goals or even follow through on a New Year´s resolution for the coming year.

We get started and we are telling ourselves that this time we are going to succeed in whatever we have decided to do.

We feel excited for a few weeks but as the time passes we are starting to slip, not doing the things on a daily or weekly base that we decided to do at the beginning of the year.

It is easy to get started but it is a lot harder to continue after the excitement has worn off and we find ourself uninspired and unmotivated.
Then we stop trying and we feel like a big fat failure..... again.
Does this sound familiar?

Why do we quit trying?
I don´t know.

But the important thing is that we don´t quit until we get there.
Until we accomplish our goals and our vision for ourselves.

"The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason you started."

Let me give you an example.

How long does it take for a baby to start walking?
As long as it takes. Until the baby is walking

Would you tell the baby to quit after a few attempts of trying to walk?
Of course not.

Would you only allow a baby a couple of weeks or a month to be able to walk?
Of course not. You will allow the baby to try until the baby can walk.

When the baby falls and falls after trying to walk, will the baby tell itself that it is a failure and not try again?
Of course not. The baby will continue to try until it can walk.

So why do we quit so quickly when it comes to our own vision and goals in life?
Shouldn´t we continue to try until we get there? Just like the baby, learning to walk?
Of course we should. But unfortunately.... a lot of times we don´t.
We try and if it doesn´t work out after a couple of weeks or months, we slowly return to our old way of living and a lot of times we also feel like we have failed....... again.

Be like a baby...keep on trying. If you fall you get up again. Right a way. Try again, and again, and again.......Until you get there.

Resolve says, "I will" The man says, "I will climb this mountain. They told me it is too high, too far, too step, too rocky, and too difficult.
But it is my mountain. I will climb it.
Soon you will see me waving from the top or dead on the side from trying."
- Jim Rohn

Failure is NOT....... trying and it didn´t work out.

Failure is not the end result, it is a stepping stone.

Failure is a learning opportunity. A way of making adjustments along the way to success.

Without failure opportunity can not be created.

There can be no success without failure.

But if you quit, you automatically loose.

How long should you keep on trying?

                                            Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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