Monday, January 18, 2016

Every Little Action Step Matters!

                                           "The first and best victory is to conquer self"
                                                                   - Plato

You must have discipline to act on your vision and your goals. One discipline affects another discipline. All disciplines affect each other.
Everything affects everything else.
Nothing stands alone. Don´t say to yourself..."this doesn´t matter". Of course it matters. It all matters.
Some things might matter more than others - But everything matters.

If you rather sleep in in the morning instead of going for a brisk walk - pretty soon it will matter.

If you rather eat unhealthy food - soon it will matter.

If you rather spend your money instead of saving it - it will soon matter.

If you put off sending an email of making a phone-call, to stay in touch with a good friend - soon it will matter.

If you rather work late every night instead of going home and spend time with your family - soon it will matter.

It all matters. Every let down affects the rest.

                          "Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret"

If you won´t go for a brisk walk in the morning, you probably won´t eat right. Or read an important book, or attend a seminar, and you probably won´t spend your money wisely. After years of this, it all adds up.

So they key to reversing the process is so start picking up the disciplines that does matter.
Remember, it all matters.

There is also a positive side to this.
Every new discipline affects the rest. Every new discipline makes a difference. That is why action is so important. The smallest action, the least action, the action that you think won´t matter.
It all matters.

                                                           by little,
                                     a little becomes a lot"
                                                      Tanzanian Proverb

If you start going for a brisk walk in the morning, it will inspire you to start eating healthy. You start eating healthy, it will inspire you to read a book. After you read a book you will get inspired to attend a seminar and after attending seminars, it will inspire you to develop some new skills.

Disciplines affect each other. Lack affects the rest of your life.
The key is to do away with the lack.

"Just to ease up a little bit" is a great temptation. To do a little bit less than you are capable of.
"To take a little break and not going for a brisk walk in the morning will only affect my health" say to yourself. will affect your consciousness. It will affect your home life. It will affect everything.

Vacations are for easing up a little bit. When you are at When you are on
Wherever you are...Be There!

If you think of vacation when you are at work, you will surely think about work when you are on vacation. You will mess it up.

Get disciplined. Be disciplined every day. When you set up a discipline that will give your life structure....Great things can happen.

Anyone that wants to make a drastic change in their life, can do it. Just by implementing a few daily disciplines.

                                          Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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