Monday, November 3, 2014

Morning Rituals

I do believe that how we start our days is how we live our lives.

For me it started many years ago. The only quiet time I had was very early in the morning before the rest of the household woke up.

So I started to get up 30 minutes before anybody else. I lit a candle and heated up a cup of tea . As I was sipping on my tea I realized how "Clear" my brain and my thoughts felt. I wasn't upset with anything and I just really felt grateful for a new day approaching as I was looking outside the window watching the sun appear and the day slowly starting.

After doing this for awhile I realized that I had a better, more productive and more peaceful day, if I get my 30-45 minutes of quiet time, first thing in the morning.

Fast forward to today.... 6 years later. A lot has changed in my life but I still start my day with at least one hour of quiet time, with my candle lit and sipping on my hot tea. Very seldom do I go a day without it. If I have to.... I feel like something is missing!!!

Do you simply have a better day? More lit from within, more trusting, more creative? I believe so.

When your life is high-jacked form the very beginning with other people's needs and demands, email, texts and social media..... it is simply time to ask yourself...
"Hey, what kind of day do I want to have?"
Do you lose track of your heart and also what's possible?

Perhaps you have turned into a reactive person....instead of the compassionate and loving person that you want to be.

I have found out that I do my best "thinking" early in the morning. I get great ideas for my newsletters and blogs that I will write later. Creative ideas for my coaching business and for my workshops and also answers to some personal issues that I couldn't figure out the day before. In the early morning hours the best ideas will come to me. But I have to be quiet because the ideas will come in very settled ways and if I don't take time to slow down, pay attention and listen, I would  miss all the messages and information that is going to be very beneficial to my life.

Morning rituals remind me....."I get to choose my life"

Give a moment to think:

How would I like to start my day

How would I like to feel as a result of my morning ritual?

What works, or has worked and what would I like to change about my mornings?

                                  Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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