Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Embrace Challange

I am willing to challenge myself, because I know I will grow.

When challenge comes up in your life, do you like it or do you feel it's a big inconvenience?

In today's society any inconvenience or challenge is many times a reason to complain and to moan and groan. Any little thing will freak some people out and often they get outraged.

We have lost the challenge mindset and we have instead adapted a complaint mindset or maybe we should call it a comfort mindset.

If you want to be good at anything in life you must learn to love and invite challenge into your life.

High performers love challenge. In a way they are addicted to learning new things and to growth.
They constantly want to get better.
Maybe it's because somewhere earlier in their life they were struggling and they learned that it's through learning and growing they will improve themselves and their lives. And the only way to learn and grow is through challenge.

When we stretch we get better. When we push ourselves we get better faster.

In today's world where convenience is everywhere it's easier to be comfortable than it's to challenge ourselves to push.

As soon as something gets a little difficult people quit. They quit on their dream for their future, they quit on their finance goals, their health and wellness plan and also their relationships.
They are gone as soon as it gets challenging.
At the first sight of hardship, people turn around and they run. If you want to adopt the challenge mindset you must be willing to go for it. Be willing to accept and anticipate challenges and obstacles. When you overcome a challenge, you will become better. Any challenge that happens in your life, you will see yourself overcoming it.

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