Monday, December 12, 2016

If Your Life Was Perfect In 5 Years..... What Would It Look Like?

                   "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Isn´t it about time that you started living the life that you were meant to live?

Time to start designing your own life instead of allowing other people and circumstances to plan and to control your life.

It is time to DREAM BIG BREAMS!!!

Make 2017 a fantastic year for you.

Imagine that you have no limitations.
Imagine that you have all the time, unlimited amount of money, all the friend and contacts that you need, all the education, all the experience and all the resources.
And you can be, have and do anything that you want in life......

What Would It Be???

Start practicing back from the future thinking.
Develop a vision of yourself as happy, healthy and wealthy.
Practice what successful people practice. It is called idealization.
You project forward several years and you imagine that your life is perfect in every way.

If your life was perfect in 5 years.........What would it look like?

Where would you live?
What kind of family life would you have?
What kind of health/fitness would you have?
What kind of job would you have?
How much would you make?
How much would you be worth?
What kind of friends would you have?
What kind of house would you live in?
What kind of car would you drive?
What kind of resources would you have?

Create a dream or a vision of a wonderful future.

Take a piece of paper and make  out a "Dream List"
Allow your mind to run wild. There are no limitations here.
Write down everything that you want.

When you do this you will start to activate "The Law of Attraction" and you will begin to attract, people, circumstances, ideas, resources and insight and it will begin to move you toward accomplishing your goals and it will begin to move the goals toward you.

This is a starting point of great success in life.

Are you going to take a little time to sit down and to make out your "Dream List"?

Let me know what you will put on it.

Please leave your comments below.

                                            Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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