Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I Am Not Perfect and that is OK

                                                       "I may not say everything perfectly.
                                                         I may not do everything perfectly.
                                                        But if my heart is in the right place,
                                                 and I try my best, then I am OK with that."

                                                                "I am not perfect
                                                                 Never have been
                                                                   Never will be."

I am a work in progress.....and so are you.

I am a student of my own life and it makes my life very interesting.

We are all beginners when it comes to our next new step in life.

In order to learn and grow we must pay attention to our own behavior, our words and our reactions.

And when things get off track we must learn to make corrections.

Often we want our lives to look perfect. We want to appear that we have all our stuff together........ all the time.

I know that so many times we pretend that our lives are perfect, but why live in an illusion that creates the need to appear perfect.
It is way too much effort, it also creates an enormous amount of pressure and it drains our mental energy.

I know that I lose my temper and sometimes I come unglued (especially around my computer) I am not perfect and I don't want to act like I have all my stuff together all the time, because I certainly don't. I know I can always  improve the way I react......there is always a choice.

So......stop wasting precious mental energy on an illusion and start keeping your life real and...... remember to always take the next new step.....even if it's not perfect.

                                     "Remind yourself that it's OK not to be perfect."

                                       Karin Glannstam - Personal Success Coach

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